New Orleans art shows in October 2014
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My friend from Orange County (California) is a fine artist and photographer. He’s visiting New Orleans in October 2014 and would like to be part of some art shows while he’s here.

I’m endeavoring to help him find galleries/events. I’m not an artist, myself, and while I love art in all its forms, I couldn’t name the NOLA galleries or judge which places would be best for him. Before spending a day in the city hunting for galleries, I thought I’d ask here first.

Various cities in Orange County hold artwalks as shown on this site Are there any such events in NOLA?

Thanks, everyone!
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Prospect 3 opens October 25, so there will be lots of artists and art tourism in town at that time. Prospect biennials are a big deal and will probably influence the regular gallery schedules, but have him look into the venues of the St. Claude Arts District. They do openings and events on second Saturdays. He might also contact the New Orleans Photo Alliance and A Gallery for Fine Photography for more leads.
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There are a lot of regular (monthly?) art/craft/etc fairs/festivals in New Orleans. The one put on by the Arts Council is probably the most high-end. There's also the Freret Market and OCH Market that are lovely but a little more "community" focused than "art" focused.
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Oh there are also a lot of "festivals" that have a lot of vendors. I was in town for a wedding a few years ago and there were two festivals downtown that we basically ran into (Blues and Seafood, I think). Check out this guide.
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I know from discussion with my make-a-living-from-art friends that most "proper" galleries are booked into next year so a solo show - or even getting a part in a group exhibition - would be difficult.

Chances are that all galleries involved in Art for Art's Sake (taking place in October) are locked up already. It is possible that booths are still open for the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival (October 17th-19th).

It's hard to tell from that OC Art Walk site page exactly what they do but I don't believe we have any such open art walks like that here.
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Royal street, which runs parallel to Bourbon has the greatest concentration of galleries in the city.
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