Where should we camp in the South of France?
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Some freinds and I are going to take a train from Amsterdam to the South of France this summer and we need some ideas for places to check out on a budget and with interesting places/events/people to check out.

We all have varying degrees of experience with the area- we have a freind from near Nice who won't be with us but we've seen the general area and stayed in Annecy, Lausanne and the area around Opio before. We also have a fluent French speaker as well as smatterings of other languages between us.

Have any other mefites camped out down there? Where's fun for some young men (we're 27 and we're by no means antisocial but we're not exactly party animals- as should be obvious by my use of the term "party animal") to stay, check out the local landscape and countryside and enjoy local events or meet cool people? What should we check out? Where should we avoid? Are there any "must sees" or "must dos"?

We should be there for about a week or maybe more
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Look into this hostel/campgrounds (reviews) in Avignon. The hostel side of things is quite pleasant, good food, and a short walk into the old city of Avignon.

(This is the only thing I know about camping in France.)
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While I agree that Avignon is a nice city, you will *not* find anywhere to sleep, including camping, around the city in July, because of the Theatre Festival.

If you're into Roman ruins, go to Lyon and Vienne. Both cities have their July festivals (Nuits de Fourvière and Jazz à Vienne, respectively), but the lodging problem is nowhere near as mad. Both festivals are held in the Roman theatres.

You didn't say where in the south you wanted to go, so if you're heading more towards Spain, stop at Carcassonne to visit the beautiful Medieval city.

I didn't find the city of Toulouse interesting, but the Cité de l'Espace is not to be missed.
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When evaluating campgrounds, check the transit times to the places of interest you're visiting. The guidebooks are always flagging this issue when mentioning particular campgrounds, and generally speaking, most campgrounds are not in the center of a town.
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You could look into hiking the Gorge du Verdon - France's Grand Canyon. There are camping grounds around there as well I believe.
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