What band/album am I looking for?
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I am looking for a band that put out an album with a cover that was a watercolor or pastel drawing of a couch. Other much vaguer clues inside.

The name of the album may have been a song title or part of a lyric from one of the songs.

The vocalist is male.

I suppose POWER POP would be a fair genre description.

Whatever band it is was pretty popular late 90s/early 00's.

I thought it was Soul Asylum, or Brotherhood of Soul, or Collective Soul or something along those lines... as those words/names seem really familiar. I searched all of the album covers for those bands and came up empty.
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Here's one that fits time period, male vocalist, artwork of a sofa - The Curious Sofa, 2001, by This Busy Monster. I don't know what their music is like.
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I doubt I am right... But could it possibly be the Canadian band Soul Attorneys? They were quite a popular pop / R & B act in the 1990s (but don't know if they were known outside Canada), and have a single cover in lurid colours where the members are sitting on a blurry green upholstered bench / couch. The lead singer is male. This is the only link I could find that shows what I am talking about: http://jacquesgaines.com/about/the-whole-story/
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Nope, neither of them are it, but I appreciate your answers.
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Do you remember anything else about the cover, such as what color the couch or the room/background were?
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Just a few more couches, which don't match your criteria, but just for the sake of giving it a shot - two with couch photos:

The more prominent couch result I find is All we know is falling by Paramore (later than your time period, female vocalist, and not a painting but a photo)

A 2003 compilation album has a yellow couch photo cover - Recline

And probably the most prominent couch-illustration album cover I'm seeing:
Frank Zappa, One size fits all (1975).
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Posies Dear 23?

Andrew Bird's Mysterious Production of Eggs?
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Lobstermitten: All I recall is that it was a pastel-ish drawing or a watercolor, I don't think it was a photograph. I kind of remember the background being tan/yellow and the couch being blue or green. And there was something odd about the spelling of the band name, which was a two word name. I remember misspelling it when googling them years ago, and thinking "Oh, is that how you spell that".
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Was it Mirage - Tales from the green sofa?
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