Where in Toronto can I get a wolf puppet?
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Where the hell in Toronto can I get a wolf puppet? I thought it would be easy to find one, but no luck so far. I'd prefer that it cost $10 or less. I need it to complete my Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume. (If I had a date, I'd make him dress up as the wolf, but as I'm going stag, I'll have to settle for a hand puppet. Yes, I get the symbolism.)
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It's not going to be $10 or less - more like $50 - but... Folkmanis makes wolf and timberwolf puppets that might be carried at Mastermind stores in Toronto. Wildlife-oriented museums, park visitor centers, or zoos might also be good places to look.

To get something like this for cheap, I'd suggest a children's store that sells new and used toys. Or a finger puppet would be much cheaper than a hand puppet.
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I haven't seen hand puppets per se but I've seen small, inexpensive plush wolf dolls at, say, The Bay (in Vancouver) and such.

Cutting a hole out of the bottom and removing some of the batting might suffice in a pinch if you can't get your hands on a bona fide handpuppet.
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A hand puppet?

There's a few specialty toy stores in Yorkville that carry quite a few puppets IIRC - The Toy Shop on Cumberland, and maybe Kidding Awound down the street. There's also Science City underneath Holt Renfrew... maybe.

Mastermind locations (in a few malls) also carry a good selection of hand puppets.
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Not exactly the answer you're looking for, but if you can't find the puppet you want for purchase here is a site with directions for making a really cute paper bag wolf puppet.
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What about a wolf-fur stole?
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Call the zoo's gift shop.
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Response by poster: I had very limited free time to invest in my wolf puppet search and so never did find one. I settled for a $17 plush husky from Toys R Us and just carried it around at the party. It looked enough like a wolf to serve the purpose, and everyone wanted to pet it.
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