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I'm writing a sci-fi novel and I've come to an extended battle scene. Music without lyrics is a MAJOR plus (lyrics can distract me and slow down the writing... but music is good for blocking out noise from outside my study.) Any suggestions? Guitar-oriented hard rock music and VNV Nation-style modern sounds would really help!

And yes, I already use the more rockin' bits of Queen's "Flash Gordon" soundtrack, because why wouldn't I?
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Explosions in the Sky.

Or there's always Steve Vai.
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Attack by Joe Satriani.

The album Mind's Eye by Vinnie Moore.

The instrumental version of Sacred Worlds by Blind Guardian.

Hard to find, but a fantastic prog/fusion band called Priam would be perfect, too. Here's one cut, here's another.
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Dunno how hard a hard rock you're looking for, but Kowloon Walled City is pretty good combat music.
Also High On Fire, maybe Cobalt.

Uh, Burzum's "Belus" album is good for fight bgm.

Less heavy and less wordsy might be godspeed you! black emperor, Explosions in the Sky as mentioned above, maybe De Facto.

Lots of '90s-era electronic stuff springs to mind, Autechre, Orbital, Juno Reactor, Cinematic Orchestra.
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How would you feel about music with non-English lyrics?
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Response by poster: Non-English is fine! One of my favorite bands is Delhi 2 Dublin, and more than half of that is in Punjabi.
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Soundtrack to The Social Network. Very good writing music.
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300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero is a really good one (to me, at least).
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The Fucking Champs -- Thor is Like Immortal
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"Shipping up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys always makes me want get into a fight.

This should be an instrumental version
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Daft Punk did some good stuff on the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

I find Apollo440 good for this as well.
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Daturah's Warmachines could work here.
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I thought of something else: Andrew W.K.'s "Ready to Die".
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The Pacific Rim soundtrack, with Tom Morello on guitar? Here's the main theme.
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