Buying hard (rigid gas permeable) contacts online
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Tell me about buying hard (rigid gas permeable) contacts online

I'd like to purchase my next set of hard contacts online for cost reasons. I haven't done this before so I'm nervous about it, but it costs *so* much buying them from the optometrist, even with insurance. Is there anything I should be aware of--any pitfalls? I have a high prescription and astigmatism. Any recommended vendors?
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I've had good luck with Vision Direct. Just make sure you have all of the information needed for the prescription -- beyond that, so long as you're buying name brands, you're buying the same product your optometrist is providing you with. I've been happy with the RGP lenses I've ordered so far, and I have similar vision problems.
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I get my contacts from 1-800-Contacts and have never had a problem with them.
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If you are happy with your current RGPs, be sure you find out what material/brand they are, so you can get the same. They can be had in different materials, apparently with permeability and comfort trade-offs. My eye doctor and I tried a few brands to find comfortable ones for me, and I was amazed that one pair could be so slippery and comfortable, while the other is sticky and weird-feeling.
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Make sure you get the exact same brand/style.

That said, I haven't ever found contacts to be cheaper from a 3rd party than at the doctor's office. There's not much room for a profit margin in contacts.
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I think my last set was from Coastal. Pretty easy, and I was surprised at all the various brands to pick from, so do get the brand/product name of what you have. They did require a current (within a year), valid prescription, and called my doc to verify.
posted by Bron at 5:16 PM on May 5, 2014 - cheapest place I have found. You will need your prescription box to see exactly what you need to order and they also contact your eye doctor to verify.
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I've ordered from for years (I think they have several other domains too) and always had a good experience. And their prices are less than half of what my doctor charges! You do need all the info on your prescription. Or I think they can request it from your Dr. for you.
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