The possibilities of 52 weeks
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What kind of projects have you followed where the author's goal is to teach someone something every week for 52 weeks? I'm particularly looking for the once a week format for a fixed amount of time.

For example, I'm a big fan of the following:

52 Cups of Coffee
My Year of Mixtapes
A.V. Club's Nashville or Bust
52 Weeks of UX

Don't really care about any topics in particular, though I'm a bigger fan of better writing. I really like the weekly format and something that knows it has to end at the end of the year (or a year after they started).
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The series "French in Action" (previously in the blue) happens to have 52 episodes. You can probably find many on Youtube.
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Same with the Spanish learning series Destinos. Soap opera + language learning + mystery = FUN.
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Echoes from the Vault gives a weekly lesson in how to do things the really old fashioned way. I think it will only run for the 52 weeks they are billing.
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Quilt-alongs are big on this sort of thing - I don't do it myself, but have a friend who is currently following this one:

She says that it is excellent thus far. Apparently they do a different theme each year, with weekly tutorials and videos - looks like they have the archive stuff linked there as well.

When I was active there (long ago), had projects like this with one person leading weekly prompts and exercises, but unfortunately I can no longer find any of them. Alas.
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A photographer uses a random idea generator, once a week, to suggest the theme of the weekly photo project.
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