What agency in Portland has a shield logo on their police cars?
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Lately I've been noticing an increase in police vehicles in my neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. There is one in particular I see a lot but never get close enough to to read that has a shield with--I want to say--a blue, gold, and some green picture inside. It looks like there are some trees in it, maybe a river. Last night I saw one that said "Field Operations" on the back parked across the street. What agency has this car?

I have looked up all the logos for the local police, sheriff, state police, etc. and haven't found anything. I did find this website http://www.policecarwebsite.net/main.html which is a pretty comprehensive database of police car pictures, yet I still didn't find anything on there. I really don't think it's a private security vehicle, because it doesn't look like it, and I have seen it downtown as well as my neighborhood, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. My only other guess is some kind of federal agency. Does anybody have any guesses?
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VA Hospital Police? This is a 2007 vehicle that I found here.
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Response by poster: It's not either of those.
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Fish and Wildlife Enforcement? This is the WA state logo, which looks somewhat like what you're describing. This appears to be a logo for the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Enforcement arm, though it doesn't look like what you're describing.
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Response by poster: That's not it, but the WA logo is close to what it looked like, however, it was more like a shield like the Forest Service but thinner.
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Oregon Park Patrol? I'd imagine they have vehicles other than beach patrol trucks.
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Is it possible a tv show is filming near you? There are several that film in Portland. Grimm for instance, which has a bunch of police officer characters.
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What color is the car?
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Response by poster: I don't think it's Grimm because of this. And the Oregon Park Patrol thing doesn't add up because there's no state parks close to me. The car was white. It didn't have any lights on top, but I did see lights on the one I saw downtown today.
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Are you near Portland State University? Although I'm not sure why it (or any police vehicle) would say "Field Operations" - it's all field operations.
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Response by poster: Actually I go there (Portland State), and the shield on the vehicle in that picture looks a lot like what I saw. Only I live on the other side of town, I have no idea why they would be in my neighborhood, and at 9 PM at night. Hmm puzzling.
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Response by poster: I just sent the Campus Public Safety Office this e-mail. Hopefully they get back to me.

"Dear Portland State Campus Public Safety Office,

I am a student at Portland State, and I'm writing to inquire about an incident which occurred last night, the 29th around 9 PM. I was looking out my apartment window and I noticed a vehicle that resembled your squad cars with a similar blue shield on it. On the tail of the car, above the rear left tire, was the label "Field Operations." I wouldn't have thought much of it, however, I noticed a similar car on campus today.only it had lights on top. The reason this is strange is because I live on the other side of town in the OMITTED area.

What I'm wondering is if you do in fact have vehicles labeled "field operations" and why one would be in my neighborhood? I apologize for being nosy, but it was a bit puzzling to see one of my college's security cars on the other side of town and in my neighborhood. That said, it is possible I misidentified the vehicle as being yours, in which case, I would wonder if you could inform me if there are other local agencies that have similar looking vehicles and if any of them might be the source? Part of my reason for inquiry is that there has been a large influx of police vehicles in my neighborhood lately and I'm trying to get to the bottom of why. Anyway, I believe you will be able to edify me of what I might have seen.

Hoping that you can.

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If you Google:

Portland Oregon field operations

You get city Environmental Services.

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I think chesty's right - City of Portland (Environmental Services)

Here's the logo.
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My guess is training exercise
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Do you have "Special Police" in Portland?
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I've noticed this too around portland, and I haven't been able to spot exactly who they are. Possibly private security? This is outer SE/Clackamas/Oregon City
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i also wouldn't discount private security - they attempt to make their uniforms and cars look close to cop cars and uniforms for obvious reasons.
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Trimet has a department called Field Operations, but I can't find a logo.
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Did you consider that maybe an employee of that agency lives or is visiting someone in your neighborhood while off-duty? Depending on the rules of the agency, they might be allowed to take the car home with them at night.
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Response by poster: Well, this is what Portland State said:

"Hello, thanks for getting in touch with us. This would not be one of our vehicles; there are a couple agencies that use such a label, but we're not one of them.

It was probably a federal agency, such as US Customs & Border Patrol. They do come by occasionally to pick up illegals or to address visa issues. I believe they do have the "field operations" label on their command vehicles, which are similar in color to our fancy "all white" color scheme. :)


So, it's not them. I looked up Customs and Border Patrol and their logo doesn't match up. I don't think it's Environmental Services or Trimet, their logos don't match up either. It's possible one of them is using a logo other than their main logo though, but I think that's unlikely. I'm starting to lean towards private security. Now the only question is which one?
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"illegals" - nice phrasing there, Nick.

Are you near any tribal areas? Could be some of their folks.

I'd say get a picture if you can, next time around.
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