Gift for a departing nutritionist
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I have been seeing a nutritionist through a clinic and, although I may see other nutritionists from time to time, I definitely have bonded with her. Now she's leaving to do a variety of things, including start her own business. I'll probably follow her eventually, but I wanted to give her a small parting gift, probably in the neighborhood of $25 but I'm not married to that number. Food is basically completely out, for a host of reasons. I would give her a book or something like that if I had any idea of her reading preferences. Flowers somehow don't seem right. What am I not thinking of? Thanks, friends!
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Handmade mug? Great magnets? Soy wax candle?
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If she's leaving to start her own business, I'd guess that an enthusiastic letter of thanks and permission to quote it and/or willingness to serve as reference for new clients would be far better than a book - only if you feel comfortable with that, of course.
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one of those salt lights? a good mix cd (um, of music she can play at her clinic?) a print for her wall? fresh spices? (i know you said no food but...) a plant for her new office? an offer to design her business cards? tickets to a cool show?
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Potted orchid for her new office!
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DarlingBri, those magnets are great! I got some for myself LOL
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