So the guy fills his foot with diesel fuel and...
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When I was very young, I once heard my late father tell a friend a joke that was in the first person. Being an impressionable kid, I took it as a true story, to the point of retelling it at a family gathering only to have my father swoop in and scoop me up before I could finish the (presumably at least a little off-color) punchline. I remember his horror at seeing my repeat the joke, but I'm fuzzy on the setup and I have no recollection at all of the punchline. All I remember is that it involved a construction worker who steps on a nail that goes right through his foot and a cagey older worker who advises him to "fill the hole with diesel fuel." Does anyone know this joke?
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Maybe this will help jog memory (yours or somebody else's): There's an Oli and Sven joke where the punchline involves "diesel" sounding like "these'll" ("these'll fill 'er up" ?)
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