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Philly (center city or Main Line-ish): do you know / can you recommend a home contractor?

They don't need to be available immediately for a job, but they do need to be

1) able to visit an apartment in Haverford this week to give an initial estimate; and

2) experienced with the task, which is adding clear plexiglass inside the full surface of an open loft wall that looks like this one.

The work would ideally happen in the 2nd or 3rd week of June.
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Hey, neighbor-- I unfortunately rent, but have you tried asking the group Lower Merion Community Network? There are a lot of past conversations about renovations and there are a lot of vendors who also participate. The same names do tend to come up, but I hope you find someone great.
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I will! We're not in the area yet so I don't know the useful stuffs - thanks!
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