Need a recipe for this awesome Polish soup
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I've searched for this soup on Google, recipe sites like Allrecipes, and in Polish cookbooks, with no luck. It must be pretty obscure, but in the Polish neighborhood where I grew up (in Indiana), both my grandmother and my neighbor - who didn't know each other - made this soup. And it's great. So it must be "a thing" at least in some circles, and hopefully someone out there has a recipe. The soup: it's sweet and sour, with probably a pork broth, vinegar, and sugar. Chunks of pork. Onions, carrots, potatoes, and wax beans.

The aforementioned Polish grandmother and neighbor are long gone, so I can't consult them, and my mom has never made the soup. Through trial and error I've worked out a good approximation of it, but it's not as good as the real thing.
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Oh, forgot another key ingredient: sour cream.
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It's Pickle Soup.

Super popular in that corner of the world where the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland intersect.
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┼╗urek is another delicious and sour Polish soup.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Both sound great and I'll try one or both... but they aren't the same as the soup I'm remembering.
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It occurred to me that the Polish part of your quest may be a red herring. With so many border changes and cultural mixing, you might actually be looking for a German or Russian or other East European recipe. Perhaps this Slovak bean soup? It has vinegar, sour cream, beans, potatoes...
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And now that I 've actually looked up what wax beans are and realized they're like green beans, perhaps it's like one of these green bean soup recipes:

Green Bean Soup -- Based on comments, seems many Romanians recognized this one

Slovak green bean soup
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