Help me find a great ultrasound lab in the GTA
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Wait times through my hospital are brutal. If you know of a lab with great technicians and a fantastic radiologist, please share!

Not pregnant - this will be for ortho issues (hand & wrist) as well as non-ortho stuff (following up on a possible umbilical hernia; also, for some reason, lymph nodes?).

I've taken my chances in the past with walk-in labs and had, in the words of my doc and physio, practically useless reports returned (e.g. having found "something", but with no indication of size, etc). My doc wants me to go through the hospital but has no sense of how long that takes - she was surprised that although I'd booked the stomach US a few months ago, it's not going to happen for another few months.

Downtown - west end would be most convenient, but I'd go anywhere in the GTA to get it right. Looking for reasonable wait times and most of all accuracy - good and detailed reports.

Thank you.
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(Sorry - for those unfamiliar, not looking for a a virtual, mob-friendly lab - GTA = Greater Toronto Area.)
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I've had various tests done at the Albany Clinic on Broadview and Danforth that my picky doctor was fine with. I didn't have to wait very long at all. My picky doctor works out of a clinic on Royal York at Eglinton. The wait times there are quite reasonable.
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Albany is good. So is Metro Central Ultrasound, 27 Queen E.
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Thank you! (I meant a clinic, not a lab, sorry. Either way, you've understood :) )
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Yeah, I agree Albany is great. I can't believe you were expected to wait months for an ultrasound! My doctor at Albany wanted me to do a routine, not at all urgent ultrasound recently....and they offered me several times within 2 weeks of the date I spoke to them. (And when I arrived at my appointment time, I waited less than 5 minutes.)

Also, my doctor reviewed the results with me and she said that the ultrasound tech did a thorough job.
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