MacGourmet 4 or something else for recipe keeping on iOS and Mac OS X?
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MacGourmet 4 or something else for recipe keeping on iOS and Mac OS X?

We've been using MacGourmet years on Mac OS X and iOS. We like it and have hundreds of recipes stored in it. I just found out that it's now owned by Mariner Software and I'd have to pay to upgrade from 3.x to 4.x, so I'm wondering if it's time to look at other options. Does anyone have experience with MacGourmet 4, Paprika or some other recipe manager? Thanks!
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I'm a fan of Paprika, though it has mild annoyances, like not converting units when scaling. I like the recently-added "pin" function. The bookmarklet I use all the time.
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I love
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Arthur Vandelay, related questions about recipe manager software have come up a couple of times in the last two years on ask: I need a new recipe manager, Better than PepperPlate?, and Looking for recipe software. Besides MacGourmet, the ones you are going to see mentioned the most in those threads are Paprika, TasteBook, ChefTap, and Evernote. Not all of those are one-for-one replacements for what you've got - one is a website, another is a mobile app. If you dig through the threads, there are a couple of other suggestions as well. Based on my cursory research, if you are looking for Mac OS X + iOS integration, your other choices are Paprika and Evernote. The last thread on this (that I'm aware of) was in 2012, so a lot could have changed since then; maybe someone will mention some new possibilities in this thread.

I use Evernote myself: I use the Evernote web browser plugin "clearly" to clip recipes from the web (and strip off all of the extraneous formatting); keep the recipes I haven't tried yet in one notebook and the ones I have made in another; make extensive use of tagging; and make notes at the top as well as modify the proportions. There are a bunch of features that Paprika has that you can't emulate with Evernote, but those weren't important to me. Also, now that I've got a couple hundred annotated/modified recipes in Evernote, there is a huge disincentive to migrate to a new piece of software, unless I was certain I could migrate all of those recipes.
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I use a combonation of Evernote and Paprika. Paprika for actual recipies and Evernote for techniques or interesting articles I want to recall at a later date.
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