Looking for recipe software for OS Lion/Windows 7
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Looking for the best recipe management software that will run on either Mac OS Lion or Windows 7 (I have Parallels and Windows 7 installed on my Mac).

In the past I've used Mastercook for Mac (and stopped when Mastercook became Windows-only software). I took a look at the latest version of Mastercook, and the reviews on Amazon are dire, and suggest that it doesn't work with Windows 7 and that Mastercook support has been unresponsive. I'm looking for alternatives to Mastercook.

The ideal software would have the following features:

1. The ability to calculate detailed nutritional information, including nutrients like potassium and magnesium.

2. A good search function (like being able to search for recipes that contain a specific ingredient)

3. An easy way to manually enter recipes.

4. An easy way to import recipes from the web or text files.

5. The ability to add a new ingredient (along with nutritional information of that ingredient).

I don't care about recipe photos, or shopping lists.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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Paprika runs on Mac/iPad/iPhone, and should meet your requirements, I think.

Although I can't tell what your #1 is requesting - do you want the app to calculate nutritional info based on the ingredient list? (Paprika just allows you to enter nutritional info as freeform text)

Additionally, they claim to be able to import from Mastercook format (never tried it myself).
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Response by poster: Yes, I want to be able to enter in ingredients, and have the software calculate the nutritional information based on the ingredients.
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Seconding Paprika. I love it.
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I don't have a lot of experience with it - but I have A Cook's Books by 3 Cats and a Mouse.
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Recipe organizers/softwares availability for windows is pathetic. I have tried many and none of them are worth the money.

For mac, you may want to try MacGourmet
Otherwise, I am using Tastebook. Only thing I hate about them is, they do not have a desktop version (which I totally understand from a business point of view) but when and if you are off the web, your recipes are not accessible.
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I'm currently trying MacGourmet and really like it. They have a $10 plug-in for calculating nutritional values but I haven't used it, so cannot comment on its functionality.
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