I need a new recipe manager
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I need a replacement for the (amazing) Paprika app on iPad.

I'm selling my iPad because I need money to live more than I need an iPad. This is less tragic than it could be, because the only thing I really use my iPad for is to collect recipes via Paprika. Which I love.

What do I do now? I have an Android phone, not an iPhone, so I can't just switch Paprika versions. Instead, I would really like an app for my Mac that had some of the same features:

• Easy importing of recipes on the web (where I can select "ingredients" and "directions" – some, it seems, just let you access Epicurious and similar sites. I read a million food blogs!)

• Fairly extensive tagging/categorization

• A meal planner would be awesome – a pantry organizer would be even awesomer.

• Attractive interface

• Relatively inexpensive (anything > $20 is kind of pushing my budget... hence why I am selling my iPad)

The ability to easily import my Paprika recipe archives to the new program would be GREAT, but I don't know what format Paprika exports to because my iPad is currently in another state.

Things I have tried: MacGourmet (it doesn't seem to let me clip from random blogs – or am I wrong?) and Evernote (I just can't figure out how to organize it in a way I like unless I exclusively used Evernote for recipes.)

And megabonus points if it syncs with Android, although it's not necessary.
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I've never had trouble clipping recipes from any source with MacGourmet, you might want to look at that again.

If you use Firefox you won't get a services menu but you can still just copy, paste it into the clippings, and then when you double-click the resulting clipping it will scan the quantities/measurements/ingredients/directions into their proper sections.

Of course the sites that have automatic importers are a little less hands-on, but I use it almost daily with other blogs with no problem.

(Of course none of this will solve your other issues, like Android sync!)
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SousChef sounds pretty close to what you need, but it costs $30...
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Yummy Soup. I switched to it specifically because of the flexible import feature (yeah, you highlight stuff and press the label for what it corresponds to).
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Best answer: Hi! I'm one of the 2 developers of Paprika. This is possibly the saddest thing we've ever heard!! We're about to come out with a Mac app which will likely be $14.99, but we'd like to give you a promo code because you're obviously awesome and that is our criterion for free. You can make a backup of your current recipe database and import it into the imminent Mac version, or I can make you a sync account now if you want, and you can sync up to our cloud and then sync down to the Mac version. My email is christine@paprikaapp.com, feel free to hit me up. Our Mac app should be submitted in a few days.

PS Many apologies if this comes off as a lame attempt to promote our Mac app. I just saw this on my Google Alerts and we both thought, maybe we can help! :)
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Response by poster: As a heads up – I now own the Paprika Mac app, thanks to Christine above. It's great, and I highly recommend it for anyone else who might find themselves in the same tragic conundrum.
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