Dry mouth solutions? (Due to CPAP)
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Biotene has changed the formula of their oral balance dry mouth gel and now it doesn't last through the night - any other magical solutions for dry mouth due to a CPAP machine?

Mr. N uses a CPAP machine (on crazy high settings) and it causes dry mouth, even with the humidifier as part of the machine. He was using Biotene Oral Balance, and it was lasting through the night. However, they recently changed their formula, and now it doesn't last all the way through the night. Ideally, we'd like something he doesn't have to re-apply part of the way through.

We've tried the orajel dry mouth gel, and one other kind (which I can't remember the name of) with no luck - none of them are as good as the oral balance was!

We've talked to the dentist and the regular doctor - the suggestion of an additional humidifier in the room was made, so we're going to try that.

I do not think it is possible for him to not breathe through his mouth. His settings are so high that it forces air everywhere.
He is very well hydrated - drinks probably 140+ oz of water a day.
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My dentist recommends ACE for my son, but I have never used it.
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I haven't heard of ACE, but perhaps you meant ACT?

I have the same problem, but didn't know there were solutions. Yeah, the humidifier on those things can be woefully inadequate.
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Xylimelts are a product I use for overnight dry mouth at night caused by the medication I take. They increase saliva production and last me through the night. For me they work significantly better than many of the gels out there. (I believe they still offer free samples too).

XyliMelts for Dry Mouth
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You can get good advice from a large community of helpful and supportive CPAP users in the forums at CPAPtalk.com. Searching there found this discussion about the change in Biotene formula, and another titled "dry mouth and full mask with humidifier set to max" that may be helpful. There are many other relevant posts there, and a decent search function. Well worth spending some time exploring for anyone with CPAP issues.

It's not for everyone, but I use 3M Micropore tape (2" wide) to seal my mouth at night, because no chin strap could keep my mouth shut.
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I understand this isn't exactly what you're asking, but has your husband ever tried APAP instead of CPAP? It's the same machine except the pressure is automatically adjusted as required throughout the night. I initially tried a CPAP and it was horrible, especially in terms of dry mouth, but the APAP was much better. Also, would a nose-only mask work? This was similarly better for me than a nose-and-mouth mask.
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Pilocarpine is for very severe cases of dry mouth (primarily people undergoing chemo, immuno-compromised, etc). If symptoms are bad enough, ask your dr/dentist about it. It's amazing.
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Does he have a heated hose? Once I switched from a standard hose to a heated one, I got a lot more benefit from the humidity.
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Response by poster: Kmadd, we have not tried the Xylimelts - I'll mention that to him.

Snerd, I think he's looked on the forums - I know he's found some other recommendations for headgear, etc there. He also has facial hair, so I'm not sure the tape would work, but I can ask him.

Hootenatty, he's actually on BiPAP? I'm not exactly sure what the difference is. I can't remember exactly what kind of mask he has, but I know he's spent hours looking at the different ones and the reviews. He even ordered some additional custom headgear pieces.

Colin_L, he doesn't have a heated hose - I'll check and see if he's looked into that possibility.

The difference in quality of sleep since the CPAP/BiPAP machine is so amazing, but it's such a hassle - thanks for all the suggestions!
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I don't use CPAP, but I have dry mouth due to medications, and I love Xylimelts. They recommend using multiples at a time, but I put just one between gum and cheek at bedtime and wake up without drymouth in the morning. They are absolutely wonderful.

In addition, they're a little hard to find in my area, so I get them through an Amazon subscription.
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