Used RPGs in NYC?
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My wife and I will be making a trip to NYC this weekend. While we're out and about, I'd like to keep my eyes open for some used RPGs, specifically 1st or 2nd ed Dungeons and Dragons. Where should I look? I know I can get things cheaper online (online recommendations also welcomed for extra XP), but I need to actually examine the books to see if they fit my needs.

Basically, I need clean-ish front covers for a project, which means some volumes marked Fair by collectors would work (messed up textblocks) while others would not.
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You might want to give Forbidden Planet a call and see if they still carry such things. It's been a while since I've been there, so they might have axed that part of the business for the comics and tshirts.
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Give The Brooklyn Strategist and Twenty Sided Store a call to see if they have any such stuff in stock.

I'll warn you now, this is going to be a tough row to hoe. If you get a good source please post it here!
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The only gaming store in NYC that's been around long enough to have old stock (in your case REALLY old stock) would be the Complete Strategist. It's been a long time since I've been there, but they have old, unsold stock all over their Manhattan store, so I think it's your best bet. I doubt a newer store would bother buying any used stock and put up with the hassle of storing it.
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Memail me if you want me to check out the various odds and sods at the Source Comics and Games in Minneapolis. They have a ton of old stock.
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I was going to suggest The Compleat Strategist (note quirky spelling) as well.
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The Twenty-Sided Store has a shelf of older RPGs and modules, including some first edition D&D stuff.
If you're going to the Compleat Strategist, do it on Saturday afternoon - they're closed all day on Sunday.
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