Need a blue and bronze Ravenclaw tie
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Suppose someone needed, for reasons too silly to get into, an "authentic" Harry Potter Ravenclaw tie. Anybody know where one can be found? The catch: must be blue and bronze, the book colors (the movies switched it to blue and silver and most merch seems to follow that). UK-style with stripes running from the wearer's left shoulder down to the right side would be nice too.
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Knowing nothing about left and right in ties, is this left to right (appears stage left to me, left hand of the wearer). Or this way instead?
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Where are you? If you're in the US, Tie Bar has striped ties in most colours. They mostly right right to left, but there are a few the other way.
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This etsy has a blue and bronze Ravenclaw option.
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Though they are painted and don't look very good.
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I'm in the US but potentially could connive to get a friend to ship from the UK if needed. I looked at Tie Bar but couldn't find anything with the UK-style stripes. Saw the etsy but the painting seems too sloppy for my purposes. I figured for sure this would be on etsy somewhere but I can't find anything other than the painted one.
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How about this one, or this one (striped the wrong way)
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Look on Ben Silver, my go-to place for school/club/regiment ties.
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My primary school tie was a Gryffindor one, so I feel quite strongly that the one you're searching for should really be in the right sort of fabric and style. I'm still searching, but this one is quite close.

On the other hand holy shit this one - stripes the wrong way round, but so so classy, and perfect colours. Honestly.
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