Advice for a friend in the original ATL music scene?
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I have a friend who's trying to make waves in the local Atlanta music scene. She does acoustic singer/songwriter stuff and is trying to book more shows. Any advice or good places for her to contact that you would recommend? I've been gone from the city for awhile but mentioned Eddie's Attic as a good option. Thanks!
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Would she consider traveling to Athens, GA? It's one of the most happening music scenes in America, and the musical opportunities are bountiful, if not full of competition from other aspiring artists. Most bars have some kind of live music at least once a week. It's an hour and 1/2 drive from ATL, but might be an option to get her feet wet and make contacts.
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You mentioned Eddie's Attic... some other venues that do stuff with singer/songwriters:

Steve's Live Music is pretty much non-stop singer/songwriter stuff. They also do some informal jams.

Smiths Olde Bar also does a lot of local music, but more bands than singer/songwriter, so maybe not a good fit.

Atlanta Friend's of Folk sponsors some events around Atlanta. I've been to a couple of the Fiddler's Green things, which are at a local pizza joint; they also do (or maybe affiliated with) some events at the Decatur Library and the Red Light Cafe.

Eddie Owen (of Eddie's Attic fame) has opened a new venue called Eddie Owen Presents in Gwinnett. I haven't been, but it is all about live music and has an open mic night.
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