Recommendations for pediatric healthcare while traveling in Hong Kong?
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We're traveling soon with two toddlers to stay in HK. They are generally healthy kids, but we'd appreciate any information or advice in case something healthcare-related comes up during our stay.

Mrs. werkzeuger is a RN and would be reassured by this kind of information. Specifically we are concerned with the kids having ear infections and finding someone in HK to evaluate.

I'm aware of this AskMe but it's quite old by now.

If you know about peds care in Hong Kong, we'd appreciate anything you'd like to share.
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I stayed at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital years ago and received unbelievably excellent care. Can't say enough nice things about them.

They have an outpatient 24-hour urgent care clinic that offers pediatric services.

Have a terrific time!
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If you're staying at a hotel they can advise you. They often have doctors on call for hotel guests who fall ill.
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I spent most of my childhood in HK and I went to the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital that mamabear posted! It was great and they always got me in quickly when needed.
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