Medical care in Hong Kong
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Please help me determine the name and location of the best Western-style hospital in Hong Kong. I'm also looking for any other tips you can offer to someone seeking medical care there.

A relative is in southeastern China, has been struck by a rather virulent and persistent illness, and is in need of quality medical care. She has had less than stellar luck with the factory-style treatment she's received in indigenous Chinese hospitals, and so will be travelling to HK tomorrow.
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if you don't get any info from here it might be a good idea to post in one of the HK expat forums like alloexpat.
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Best answer: According to my girlfriend, who did a placement in Hong Kong as a student doctor, the two good Western hospitals are the Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales.
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Best answer: The Seventh-Day Adventist private hospital is by far the best so long as a) you have money and b) you can put up with annoying Seventh-Day Adventists.
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As I remember it you pay in all public HK hospitals like the Queen Elisabeth and the Prince of Wales: If you have HKID it is about HKD60~100 a day, otherwise about HKD3000. That is for a public ward. I have no idea how you get admitted.
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