Need a new coffee table
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Help me find a coffee table along the lines of Geek Chic, but on the cheap (or at least cheaper).

I'm looking for a coffee table with a removable top and recessed surface underneath, so that my wife and I can play boardgames or work on jigsaw puzzles, and then cover it up so that our mischievous kitties don't wreak havoc. The Geek Chic tables are amazing, but outside the budget, and we don't need all the bells and whistles beyond the recessed surface. Looking for something roughly 44" long. We're considering a lift top table along the lines of this, but set up so it would life away from the couches, but looking for other suggestions.
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Your part of the country has a ton of custom woodworkers out there, both pro and hobbiest; I'd start making phone calls. I have no idea how expensive it would be, but I've picked up custom furniture for muh less than 'list' price out there.

Local etsy alchemy listings might be a plan too.

I have a reference that lives in JP, I me mailed you some contact unfo.
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There is no more Etsy Alchemy. I know of no other makers of this type of table in that class, but this question has been asked before so you might want to search for this here.
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