What are some sites like Slate, the Atlantic and Salon?
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I like to read these three websites: Salon, Slate and the Atlantic because I like their writing styles and their combination of news and politics. Can you recommend me websites (daily/weeklies) along the same vein that I should be reading? What am I missing? Thank you!
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Take a look at New Republic, The American Prospect, and Mother Jones.
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You might like the Daily Beast, the New Yorker's website, and the compiling site Arts & Letters.
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I know, Buzzfeed, but Buzzfeed Ideas looks super intriguing to me.
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Maybe try Washington Monthly. Most of the day-to-day action is in their "Political Animal" blog and they have longer articles from the monthly magazine.
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Vox, FiveThirtyEight, and Grantland (sports and culture)
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these post everyday, but are not quite what you are looking for - longreads, longform. Both offer links to the best long form journalism. Often from sources I would never happen on on my own. Sometimes, the linked articles are old (just read one from 1995 on the strawberry industry in CA), but they are always interesting. Love them.
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The Atlantic has a link to a site called quartz (down at the bottom of the home page), it'll come up as qz.com . It's got an economics bent, but is also pretty good and addictive (it's one of those aggregator but more curated type sites with one "feed" that you scroll). My description doesn't do it justice but might be up your alley.
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Andrew Sullivan's got a great blog that covers it all. Highly recommended.
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I always find fascinating, in-depth articles on TheFeature.net ("A hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays saved with Instapaper.").

And this previous question might also have some information of interest to you.
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Aeon Magazine?
"Aeon is an online magazine of ideas and culture. We publish original essays and carefully selected documentary films, free to all. Our content is organised around five themes:

World Views takes on contemporary culture clashes, ancient philosophical conundrums and the many ways in which our beliefs shape experience.

Nature & Cosmos looks through the eyes of cutting-edge scientists, explorers and other attentive observers to bring the universe’s myriad patterns into focus.

Being Human puts our own nature under the microscope, comparing insights from psychology, anatomy, evolutionary theory and simple introspection.

Living Together searches for fresh lessons and hopeful developments in the greatest and most complicated of human projects, co-existence.

Altered States explores ritual, play, recreation and imagination: whatever it takes to get beyond the everyday world."
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Audio rather than text, but I love This American Life and its archives. Plus I can listen at work while doing tasky things! Same goes for other story-telling sites like RadioLab and Snap Judgment. These all qualify as longform, most of the time.
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huffington post and agree about the andrew sullivan one
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My favorite place to line up my day's reading is at The Morning News, on their headlines page.
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Philemon referred to it somewhat obliquely: Arts and Letters Daily. It's an aggregator that only adds a few new articles each day (if that), but is always a source of goodness, and will introduce you to other sites that you will like.
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