Name my personal finance blog/website.
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Asking for my boyfriend: This will be a blog about what steps I am taking as I learn to be responsible with money, with the goal of retiring early. I will write about budgeting, saving for an emergency fund, figuring out how to invest in 401ks, etc. While this all sounds serious, I am a young guy with a sense of humor. Some ideas I am considering inside..

The Budget Boy or Dinero Dude - too young sounding?
Something along the lines of Lunch Money, Dollars and Cents, Money in my Pocket, Another Day Another Dollar, Money Moose would be good, if the domains/usernames weren't taken. The names can be silly, I just want something to do with money in the title.

Also, is it a bad idea to use my first name as part of the domain? For example, petespiggybank*

*not his real name
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Spender for hire
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Pocket Change
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Penny Rich, [fiances name] foolish?
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Dollars and Sense

Small Budget, Big Dreams

Never Too Young To Plan To Retire

Shoestring Budget, Early Retirement Dreams
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"Real Interest"
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Early Bird, Early Bird Budget
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A Random Walk Down My Street (this is a riff on a.famous investing book by Malkiel. I'd link to it if I weren't on a phone).
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I think a name is OK because it personalizes it and potentially makes it easier to remember the site name.

Bucks Boy
Bucks Bro
Dough Boy
Dough Discourse
Dough Dude
Dollar Dude
Dollar Direction(s)
Money Maven
Money Marathon
Money Maze
Money Machination
Money Monkey
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The Buck Stops Here, Young Buck Making Bucks, Bucks Bucks Bucks
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Common Cents
Cash Flow
Cashing It In
Money Maverick
Nickel and Diming My Way to Retirement
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For the purposes of his new financial blog, your boyfriend might also be interested in the concept of "fuck you money" (from the Cryptonomicon) and how to calculate what your personal "fuck you money" value would be. Here's a great old Ask thread about it.
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Young Buck Making Cents
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pot of gold - at the end of the rainbow
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Dollar for a Smile
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You might give it a "what it says on the tin" name, such as (the very good) Can I Retire Yet?
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Some of these are awesome! We especially love "A Random Walk Down My Street." Our friend recommended "Million Dollar Ninja," so we will be going with that.
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