What is a "breakdancing outfit" for a kid?
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Okay, so a young lady I know is coming up on her 7th birthday; she's emailed me that she'd like clothes for her breakdancing class.... what the heck constitutes breakdancing outfits for a kid?

I have no intention of getting her anything unsuitable for her age --- i.e., nothing sexy or with suggestive words/phrases. From photos (she's halfway around the world from me) she seems to wear a lot of leggings and oversized t-shirts or tunics. She also likes K-Pop boy bands, if that helps, but I have no idea of her favorites. I'll gladly take any suggestions of where shop, either online or bricks & mortar in Northern Virginia.

Please help an auntie out!
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I imagine that the sort of clothes in the music video for "The Youth" by MGMT are appropriate, but I really have no personal knowledge.
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The most common outfit for breakdancers is probably a t-shirt, track pants and old-school sneakers. There are plenty of exceptions, of course, but I don't guess you'd go far wrong wearing that kind of stuff to a class.
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For a breakdancing class, I would imagine that "cool" comfortable dance gear (T-shirts, sweatpants, etc.) would suit. I'd think that the sort of thing that they have at Pineapple (other than the tutus) would probably be about right.
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Discount dance is my favorite for dance clothing. There's not a ton of stuff for hip hop/ break dance but some pretty cool tops and pants. There's a lot to sift through but they sometimes have really good deals. If she's not wearing shoes made for dancing I suggest looking into that. I didn't see any children's sized but I know they have appropriate adult sized.
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Have her parent send you a snapshot of the kids in her class to show what they are wearing, if you want the most accuracy.
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Adidas. Kinda the b-boy/b-girl uniform, so not particularly inspired, but won't go wrong.

B-girls Eddie and Terra (skip to one minute in).

Eddie and Terra on Ellen
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I might call the school to ask.
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Protective fingerless gloves. Practical, and will make her feel like a badass.
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Would it be possible to either....
1. Just tell her mother that you have no idea what break-dancing clothes are for a 7 year-old and that you would love to buy these for her, but you really need some instructions.
edited the following part out after reading that you don't live near your niece. Sorry2. Ask her mother where to buy these clothes and also go on a shopping outing with your niece for her birthday.
Have fun and keep popping and locking!
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These days people kinda wear whatever, but traditional is a regular tracksuit. Doesn't have to be Adidas, but the shiny kind is better than fleece or velour.
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If you know where she takes her class, call them and ask. Sometimes dance clothes have requirements that seem weirdly specific to those not in the know.
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Absolutely agree with calling the school or asking her parent. Just because the class is a breakdancing class, if taught at a dance school (and perhaps even if not), the class may require specific attire. Loose baggy clothes may prevent teachers from seeing and correcting incorrect positions, or could make it more difficult for the child to move.
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I can't call the school: they're about eleven time zones away. If it makes a difference, it's an afterschool class for beginners, held in a community center --- apparently more for fun than rather than anything high-pressured.

I like jessicapierce's fingerless gloves idea: sometimes, feeling like a badass is all a kid really needs to be happy!
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I would just go with dance clothes from a dance store. Yoga pants-type stuff that you can move in, preferably a little flashier than usual if you can find some.
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