recover a stored password in android chrome
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I have a four character stored password on a website on Android Chrome. I would like to recover this password so I can access the site on a new phone. I no longer have the email address I registered with so password recovery won't work - any ideas? Would prefer to avoid rooting the phone.
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Can you update the email address for the account using the old phone?
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If you're signed in to Chrome on the old phone, the password should sync and be saved when you install it and sign in on the new phone. If you'd like to see what the password actually is, and you're signed in to Chrome on both the phone and a desktop computer, go to Settings, click Show Advanced Settings, Manage Saved Passwords (under "Passwords and forms" and next to "Offer to save passwords..."), then find the site you're looking for and click Show next to the obscured password.
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Four characters? Just brute force it.
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If you can access the site currently, you should hopefully be able to update your password and/or email address while logged in.
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