Slice and Polish Petrified Wood
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I have a piece of petrified wood. I would like to have the top surface sliced cleanly & polished.

It is approximately 12" x 5". Photo here. I can't find anybody locally (Albuquerque, NM, USA). I contacted Rocks Online in Portland, OR but did not hear back from them. Where can I get this done?
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your image isn't public, fyi.
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There must be dozens, if not hundreds, of rockhounds in and around your location. You might see if this organization can help.
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@TheAdamist: Thanks for pointing that out. It should be visible now.

@Ideefixe. Indeed there are. In fact I even know quite a few geologists. There are plenty of people around who can deal with gem-sized rocks. But nothing this big.
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Nope, still not publicly available. But you can't swing your arm without hitting an artisan in Santa Fe with the tools on hand to do this job -- maybe contact a gallery? Someone at The New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources, in Socorro, may be able to point you in the right direction, too.
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I have contacted mineral galleries in SF and I know a geologist at the bureau in Socorro. No help.
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Is renting/borrowing a rotary polisher an option? For DIY, or to be wielded by one of your acquaintances.
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Try a place where they make stone countertops or tomb stones?
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It seems like there should be a gem & mineral hobby group in your area, a rock shop or a lapidary business that could help with your request. The size of your piece shouldn't present a problem. I have polished petrified wood bookends that are 12X12 inches that were made for public market. They came from a shop in Las Vegas that had lots of them, along with polished rounds of 18" and larger.
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You're definitely going to want someone with a rock saw, so the suggestion from Too-Ticky is a good idea. A stonemason in general (not the group, the profession) is probably what you want.
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I just did a quick search and found several listings for lapidary/rock shops, plus a Gem & Mineral group in Albuquerque. Did you check and have no success with any of them?
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Call tile for bathroom tile...they will know someone.
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I like the idea of doing it myself, as I have more rock that I could do. I have an angle grinder and a random oscillating sander. I'm not sure these would work. Its a good excuse to buy another tool.
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If you go that route, plenty of tutorials/demonstrations to view.
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To cut it, I'd ask granite countertop fabricator. There are kits you can by to grind and polish telescope mirrors. I'd ask at a place like got and check out youtube.

In fact, youtube is one of my first stops whenever I'm trying something new.
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I think checking for any granite counter top fabricator is an excellent idea. I will look into that.
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