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I have a lovely light chiffony navy blue pleated skirt that I surprisingly fit into after only a month of dieting (I bought it thinking that it was aspirational). The weather suddenly turned cold again after being unseasonably (and unregionally) warm for a bit here in beautiful San Francisco. I want to wear the skirt while it fits but need some help deciding what to wear it with.

Here's the skirt. And here are my considerations:

- My midsection is still a little lumpy so I don't want to wear anything too tight at the middle, and I don't think I can tuck anything in to the skirt just yet for that reason.
- However, the looser tops I tried with it last night look a little silly over a pleated fullish skirt.
- I'm willing to mix materials and weights, but I don't want to look like an idiot in a wool sweater with a chiffon skirt.
- On the other hand, I am in something of a quandary over the chiffon-esque material and the cold weather as it is. I'm a little concerned that the materials that work with chiffon are too light for the cold snap.
- I do wear hose and heels (or not, although I prefer to have a little something on my legs, that's just how I roll at 53).

I was thinking about this sweater, with maybe a camisole underneath in case it is tempted to show midsection skin.

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Lovely skirt! I'm in SF and don't think it's too cold for such a skirt, but maybe once the wind dies down a bit it'll be more comfortable.

I really like the top you suggested yourself! Something a little boxy but still has a nice shape, just like that one!

I look forward to other's suggestions.
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Here's a pic of how I wore a similar (but orange) floaty, pleated chiffon skirt on a breezy spring day in SF last year. Had it been just a hair cooler, i would have work pale grey or tan tights to keep my legs warm.

That sweater is gorgeous, but I think it's too unstructured to wear with a floaty, unstructured skirt. Together I'm afraid you'd look like you didn't have a shape.

I am of major midsection lumpiness myself, so I understand your concern, but I'd urge you to rethink that you can't tuck anything in. A tee, light knit sweater, or button-up tucked with with a belt added to define your waist (and possibly a cropped cardigan with the tee or button-up) is the way I'd go.

This reminded me how much I liked that outfit. I should wear it soon. Yay!
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I have a similar skirt and midsection.

I think tucking in is perilous if you expect it to blouse nicely. Like, puff out in an elegant way, which never happens, for my shape.

However, lightweight tight camisole with large, light scarf or 3/4 sleeve shirt might work. I've also worn a very structured, top-of-hip length sweater with such a skirt and felt adequately balanced and structured.
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Perhaps a very fitted silk (or other light-ish material) shirt, and worn over an insulating layer that isn't readily apparent?

"Bike short"-type garments are good for when one is unable to say no to spring skirts even though it's still cold -- that skirt might (?) be a tad see-through for any shade of short/capri legging deal, but it would work if the underlayer was a "nude" shade, I think?
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Here's another potential choice for your comments, which are really helpful so far, thanks!
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I think that floral cardigan would look lovely, either over a camisole or not!
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I find pinterest fantastic for this sort of inspiration. I pulled a bunch of pins for you:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I
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I would belt it, tuck a t-shirt in and throw over a cardigan, or do a cotton sweater and belt -- like this or this.
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The skirt looks a bit loose so I'd pair it with a slimmer top. Colors that would work well here: white, light blue, light yellow or brown. A short sleeved blouse and a fitted sweater would also work well.
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Runway look with a similar skirt at Michael Kors
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Fitted t-shirt, worn with a jean jacket or equivalent. Also loving the sweater you posted. Nice skirt, and congratulations on it being wearable now.
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I'm short-waisted so I don't tuck anything in. I find that these look really nice with a top that hits just above the hip bones, and a scarf/belt over that. Here's a blog with a good picture.

I have a short sleeved denim jacket that is AMAZING for this kind of layering.

I like the sweater, and it should match well.
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