Help James Bond fix his car please!
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I'm trying to help a friend locate a replacement LED Left Side Head Light Cluster for a 2006 Ford Mondeo Titanium (as seen in CASINO ROYALE). Preferably in the UK but anywhere would do - sadly everywhere I look has nothing available... thank you all in advance!
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Is it the whole cluster, or just the LED strip? If it's the latter, this might fit the bill (can't vouch for the service, not your mechanic, etc). eBay's usually OK for spares, but check with the supplier directly that it's the correct part before buying. Failing that, you might want to contact your local breaker's yard or a Ford garage who should be able to get the part for you.
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Many thanks - it's the entire unit and for some reason they're very tricky to find; breakers just don't seem to have them. Many thanks indeed for your time and trouble though, I greatly appreciate it!
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