How to get footnote references in footer to be smaller than in the text
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The default scenario is, in a blank MS Word 2007 document, the footnote reference in the text is supertext, but is the same font size as whatever your normal text is. The footnote reference in the footer is point 10. They are different sizes, even though they are both the style called "footnote reference". They look different under "reveal formatting", but I don't understand reveal formatting.

Now I'm working with Mac people and Word Perfect people, and suddenly this isn't happening anymore. Whatever font size I make the style "footnote reference" is the style both in the body and the footer. Upon googling, I can find instructions for making changes to the "footnote reference" style, but nothing on how to get it back to that magic place where it knows it should be smaller in the footer. I've tried changing the style set and the font set to no avail, also wiping out the normal template to force a fresh one.

Can anyone help me get back to this default, or point me to instructions for high-level Word 2007 formatting wizardry? The document's too big to strip the formatting, and the slightly oversized numbers in the footer are making my brain itch.
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Word Perfect?? People still use that?

Let me make sure I understand your question: you receive a document that someone else created in WP or on a Mac. You open that document in Word 2007, and are having formatting issues. Is that correct?

What type of file are these documents being saved as? .Doc, .rtf, something else?
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My experience is not what you are describing above the fold. In my documents (using Word for Mac, 2011, FWIW), both the footer number in the main document text and the footer number in the footer itself are coded with the style "footnote reference" and that style has the same appearance in both places. So, the number does *not* look "in the same font size as whatever your normal text is" in the body of the document.

If you're trying to force two different appearances, I think you'd need to create a new style (called "footnote reference 2" or something), and then apply that new style to the instances of the footnote in the footnotes.
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