Need help with Word 2007 and styles and whatnot
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Working on a project for a client where we need to send authors a template Word 2007 file with styles embedded. We want them to ONLY use our 10-12 predetermined styles. We do NOT want all the other default Word styles to be an option.

Basically, I want to send them a nearly blank Word file. When they open the Word file I want ONLY our 10-12 predetermined styles to load. Then when they start typing they can choose one of those 12 styles to format the different text.

For some reason, I am having insane problems just creating this almost blank Word file. I thought I was pretty proficient in Word, but this has me beat. I created the styles I wanted and named them, but all the other default styles are still showing up as possibilities.

The other issue is that we have to assume the authors we’re sending these files to to work from are total Word newbs and don’t even know what styles are. I know there won’t be 100% compliance, but I want to make it as easy as possible for them and in turn for myself when I get the revised files back.

What am I missing? I just want to email them a .doc or .docx file that they open, the predetermined styles I defined load, they start writing, and apply styles as appropriate. Do I have to create a .dot file and send that to them? How can I make sure the styles I want them to use load on their system?

Help! This easy thing is eluding me!
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I'm using 2010 so the menus may be different, but try this:

1. Click below the change styles button on the home ribbon to bring up styles pane
2. Click on manage styles
3. Click on restrict tab
4. Select the ones you don't want them to use
5. Click restrict
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Would it be feasible to turn this into a PDF with fields the user can fill out, instead? Because trying to get everyone's Word to do the same thing will be a nightmare for you AND them.
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Nope. They're writing chapters, not filling out a form. This is a new process the publisher has decided on so they can better convert msp to pp. Of course they didn't supply templates or instructions for authors, so I have to just figure it out on my own. Whee.
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It doesn't matter. They'll manually change the text size, style, and font face to match what they eyeball the official styles to look like. For maximal irony they'll seek out your approval on account of how carefully they followed your style guide.
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