Intern needs safe apartment in Herndon, VA
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Where can an intern rent a safe and decent apartment for 3 months over the Summer? She will be working in Herndon, VA. She needs to keep it under $1000 per month. Everything in that area looks like it rents for well over $1000 per month. My head is spinning!
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If she lives with housemates, it will certainly be cheaper - I just gave a quick skim of the craigslist rooms listing for NoVa/Herndon and there seemed to be lots of things under $1000.
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Does she need an apartment all to herself, or would a room in an apartment be fine? I would look that way. Either on craigslist or AirBNB (check out monthly rates on the details page, don't just multiply the daily by 30)
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So sorry but NoVA is a land of high rents and the one-year lease. The only way your intern will be renting for a few months will be by joining a group-renting situation.
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Seconding airbnb or craiglist. You're looking for a sublet rather than a regular rental, probably a full-time student going home for the summer. Also check area colleges and universities--many lease out dorm rooms to summer interns, or will have a page to list off-campus housing in the area. For example, here is a link to George Mason's page for dorm housing--$210/week for a double room, $266/week for a single--and their off-campus listings page.

Will the intern have a car? Herndon itself is fairly walkable, but you may need to look at other towns to get into your price range. As a huge word of warning if living in another town is an option--make sure she does not need to take route 267 (called the Dulles Toll Road and the Dulles Greenway) to get to and from work. As one of its names suggest, it has a toll and it can easily devour an intern's entire salary, but it is sometimes the only way to get from point A to point B.
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I would check out Fairfax since there are a lot of George Mason students and someone might be looking to sublet for the summer. She can easily stay under 1k getting a room in a house or townhouse, but studios are rare here and 1 bedrooms rent for more than that.
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Look in the sublets and rooms/shares section of Craigslist. Also if there is an online community that is specific to a local college, I'm sure there are postings from students who want to sublet for the summer.
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$1000 is very cheap for Herndon or anywhere in the greater DC metro area. I second the idea of finding a group house of college students, grad students, or new graduates who need a roommate.
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Yes she will have a car and be working near Dulles
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