Best packaged gnocchi
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What's your favorite brand of packaged gnocchi? Looking for something tasty without a lot of preservatives or weird ingredients. I live in Seattle so I have access to Fred Meyer/Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc. Thanks!
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Response by poster: (Forgot to mention - can be potato, sweet potato, whole wheat, what have you.)
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Best answer: I LOVE Trader Joe's sweet potato gnocchi! In the freezer.
posted by Safiya at 3:33 PM on March 31, 2014 likes Trader Joe's as well (and recommends some mail-order place, too.)
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Best answer: Trader Joes gnocchi gorgonzola. Fatty, but delicious.
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I have a TJ's gorgonzola gnocchi hack where I mince and cook bacon, dump out most of the grease, then add the gnocchi and cook as normal. It's pretty great.
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Coming at it from another direction, why not make your own? Microwaving the potatoes is a slick trick that makes it even easier than home-made pasta.
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Thirding trying the TJ's Gorgonzola gnocchi. You can practically hear yourself getting fatter while eating it, but it's so good!
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Best answer: Just the plain old gnocchi in the Italian section at Trader Joe's is still awesome!
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Another vote for TJ's. They have a frozen one that's in some sort of tomato sauce, and it is really good. (I haven't read the ingredients list, though, so it may not strictly fit your needs.)
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I use Trader Joe's dried gnocchi and love it.
I boil them and then add TJ's Bruschetta sauce and some cheese (parmesan, chevre, what have you).
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Response by poster: I'll give Trader Joe's a try, both dried and frozen! It honestly never occurred to me to look in the freezer section at a store previously.
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