What to do near Puyallup WA today/tomorrow?
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I've got about 24 hours to kill, starting now, in or around Puyallup, WA. I have no desire to drive into Seattle and would like to minimize time spent driving overall. Interests include delicious food, places to take a long walk with a dog, little museums or local points of interest. What do you suggest?
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Upon a quick google, it looks like Kubota Garden will allow leashed dogs (you should do your own googling just in case, though). It is large and lovely. I know, Seattle, but Renton so way south and about a half hour drive from you if no one comes up with a better idea.
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I have had many enjoyable meals and cocktails at Crockett's Public House. Get the grilled artichoke, at the very least!
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Up for a ~20-30 minute drive west? Ft. Steilacoom park in Lakewood is an outstanding place for a long walk with a dog.

Sparks Firehouse Deli in downtown Puyallup serves tasty American food. If you like Thai, come to Ayothaya restaurant in South Hill. Trapper's Sushi, which is also nearby, is delicious but the service is spotty at best and you should expect a wait.

/Puyallup resident
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I'm on my phone, so no links.

Pacific Lutheran University has some great Lutheran and Nordic stuff. It's on the way to:
Fort Steilacoom Park, which I see has already gotten a shout out.

Point defiance park is about 1/2 hour drive from Puyallup, a little to the north.
Gig Harbor is just over the bridge (formerly gallopin gert, which had collapsed in 1940....the new one is more flexible)
Dale chihuly has glass art in a Tacoma museum

If I can convince you to spend 4 hours in the car to visit the largest temperate rainforest in the US, please go.

And there's also forks...made famous by a movie about a sparkling vampire. It's really close to te rainforest. I'd rather you didn't visit there.

If it turns out that you're up for that kind I driving....Maybe go see the beach towns at hoquiam or Aberdeen instead. You might know of Aberdeen if you're familiar with Curt Cobain's life story. Those grey beach towns go a long way to explaining a lot about the PNW.

(Lived in Puyallup a few years.)
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Yeah, if you're willing to drive to Tacoma, I have to say the Tacoma Art Museum is one of the most impressive small art museums I've ever visited. I haven't been to the LeMay Museum at the Tacoma Dome yet, but I've heard it's pretty great. There's also the Museum of Glass; I'm not a big fan of glass art, but if it's up your alley, you'll enjoy it.
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Oh, and there are some good little cafes/coffee houses/bookstores around that area of Tacoma as well. I'm not a resident (but I visit a few times a year) so I can't tell you any specific names, but you should definitely be able to find a good bite to eat around there. I also second the suggestion of Port Defiance Park.
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Swan Creek Park or Decoursey Park for dog-walking, I think. If you don't make it all the way to Point Defiance (which is AWESOME) but do go to the museums in downtown Tacoma (lots of fun: Glass, Art, Cars & History), Wright's Park is nice and close.

It's Greek to Me & The Southern Kitchen are both near there, and are both fantastic food. (Do what they say on the tins.) The Swiss in downtown Tacoma is also great food/beer.

I think there's a little history museum near downtown Puyallup, but have not been.

(Lived in Tacoma 10 years, husband is from Tacoma/Puyallup. Personally, I've always wanted to walk around Woodbine Cemetery but never had a good reason.)
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So I ended up going to Ayothaya for Thai and Karma Indian Cuisine for Indian. I later realized they're the same people as Indian Spice Route on Bainbridge, also good. Then for dog walking I ended up going to the South Hill Community Park/Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail, which turned out to be only a mile from my friend's house where I was staying, more than pleasant enough considering it required no driving. I had to spend the next day making the terrifying drive into Seattle and back (multi-car pileups, crazy road rage incidents, my god, I am not cut out for suburban living) so I was serious about wanting to minimize time spent driving. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll have to go back in the future so have a lot of good ideas!
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Oops, I mean Spice Route Indian, not Indian Spice Route . . .
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