Nutrition questions for a fitness newbie
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So I started working out for real this year as part of my New Year's Resolution. I'm currently doing a version of crossfit, mixed with occasional rock climbing, and I'm seeing good results (Stats below). The problem is that most dieting and training advice I can find for guys is geared towards those who are starting out skinny. I started out overweight and out of shape. I'm currently at what would be a good weight if my BF was lower. What are some good diet resources for someone in my situation? (I like my training regimen and I'm not looking for a new one)

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6'4
Starting weight (November '13): 228.8 lbs
Starting BF: 21%
Current weight: 204.5
Current BF: 19%

I really just want to bulk up and lose the fat, but I'm not sure how to go about it and in what order.

/r fitness hasn't been very helpful
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Maybe look into the Keto diet? It's a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. As counter-intuitive as it seems, training your body to work primarily from a fat-based diet really does burn fat incredibly fast and it will give you insane levels of energy for your workouts. I know that Crossfit people are really into the Paleo diet but I personally found it did not give me as much clean, happy feeling energy as a keto diet. Fat is magical!

The /r keto subreddit is pretty good. Be sure the read the FAQs carefully to understand the macros and how the diet works as it is probably completely ass-backwards from what you're used to hearing.
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Here are a couple I recommend:

1) Lyle McDonalds RFL diet if you want to drop the pounds in a rush
2) His UD 2.0 for a more stricter form of the keto diet - it is a cyclical ketogenic diet
3) The Leangains intermittent fasting protocol might fit what you are looking for
4) Paleo if you are really into crossfit
5) As joan said - Keto if you feel like you bloat up on carbs and want something less stricter than the cKD in 2 above.

You might want to look at intermittent fasting as an option - of which there are a ton of programs from 16/8 which is leangains to the warrior diet, alternate day fasting etc etc.

Hope that helps.
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/r/gainit or /r/loseit are likely to be more useful for you. /r/gainit features a fair amount of discussion on cutting as well as bulking, it seems like most guys there are cycling between them. You're looking to 'recomp' or change the composition of your body, that might find you better results on google.
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