indie rock pop with a male vocalist-shouldn't be that hard
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Help me ID this indie-ish song that I heard on the radio this morning. I remember nearly nothing, though.

Ok, you've helped me do it before, so I'm coming to you again!

I heard a song on this radio station earlier today. It had an overall indie vibe. The guitar was plucky, kind of like vampire weekend. Drums in the same vein too, a bit like tUnE-yArDs. Male vocals, a bit overlaid at times so it sounded like multiple people singing. Chorus was a bunch of "aa-ooos", 2 distinct syllables. After a sort of "breakdown" with rhythmic drums, a bunch of repeating "here we go again" or "here it goes" or something vague like that.

((I checked the radio website's track list as soon as I had access to internet, but I was too late. Then I emailed the station, with no help. Please help me!))
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Maybe Bastille?
posted by threeants at 6:45 PM on March 29, 2014

Good guess, especially with the vocals, but not Bastille (I may or may not already love them). Sorry, it was less of an A-O, and more of an aaa-ooo, like a werewolf.

The music was less .... produced? Big? Echo-y? sounding than bastille, and more basic. Less layered.
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American Authors?

"Best Day of My Life"
posted by 1066 at 7:25 PM on March 29, 2014

OK Go - Here It Goes Again
posted by dgeiser13 at 7:27 PM on March 29, 2014 [1 favorite]

Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire?
posted by wemayfreeze at 8:59 PM on March 29, 2014

The Decemberists - Calamity Song?
posted by sigmagalator at 9:02 PM on March 29, 2014

The Hidden Cameras - Awoo? Lyrics don't seem to match, but hey, it's a great song (and a great band).
posted by maudlin at 9:36 PM on March 29, 2014

Riptide by Vance Joy?
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Calamity Song is what I first thought of, too.

The ah-ooos are in the bridge/ending, not the chorus, and there's not much of a breakdown, but otherwise it sounds exactly like your description. Does "the arms of the angels" ring a bell?
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Was it Jookabox - You Cried Me?
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Royal Teeth - Wild hits a lot of your criteria: ooh-ooh-ooh type chorus, male vocals, some plucky guitar, there's a drum breakdown thing.
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What about KONGOS? Maybe "I want to know" or "Come with me now"? Those don't fit exactly, but the overlaid voices comment reminded me of them.
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Neon Trees' Animal?
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Mason Jar by Smallpools?
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So, none of these are it. But I'm only slightly disappointed because a lot of these I really like anway!

For the record, in case it helps further searching, Riptide by Vance Joy has been the closest so far.

Thanks for all the great new tunes!
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I think I know this!

Another Story by the Head and the Heart? The aaa-ooos are near the end.

Other ideas:
The Only One by John Butler Trio?

Wild shot in the dark: Wild Country by Wake Owl.
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Could it be Wild Child by Brett Dennen?
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