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What are the best live guitar videos on youtube I should know about but probably don't?

I'm trying to dig through and find the performances that may be incredible but easily missed if you aren't looking for them. I don't care about genre so much. It can be rock, blues, country, jazz, etc. I just want to watch guitarists play their heart out on stage.
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Kaki King (if you don't like the quality, just look for "Playing with Pink Noise" and "live.")
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Are 12-year olds ok? (Unlocking the Truth)
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The best guitar solo in rock music is, of course, in Elvis Costello's "I Want You." I don't know if there's a definitive live version, but this one is okay.
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Van Halen — Eruption

Prince — While My Guitar Gently Weeps (by George Harrison)

Steve Vai —  concert

Dream Theater (guitarist: John Petrucci) — Erotomania

John Mayer — concert


Leo Kottke — Up Tempo, etc.


George Benson — Take Five (by Paul Desmond)

Ron Carter Trio (guitarist: Russell Malone) — concert (e.g. the guitar solo starting around 1:10:00)

John Pizzarelli — Route 66 


LAGQ — The Nutcracker "Overture" (by Tchaikovsky)
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Came into say Prince doing George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame performance...

Bonus points when Prince falls backwards into the crowd while still playing his solo at the end, one of his bodyguards catches him and pushes him back up onto the stage.... George Harrison's son (also playing on stage) totally laughs at the stunt while Tom Petty (singing and playing guitar) super duper frowns at Prince's antics.

Completely PRICELESS.
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While Elvis Costello's "I Want You," is an amazing guitar moment, Bruce Thomas playing bass on Elvis Costello and the Attractions' "Lipstick Vogue," both album and Live at the Mocambo (available on youtube) is EPIC!
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Buck. Et. Head.
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Joe Bonamassa
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Danny Gatton — Sleepwalk
Mike Bloomfield — Drinking Wine

(and I can't find a live video, but Kimberley Rew's insane guitarwork on Old Pervert by The Soft Boys is a wonder to behold.)
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Oh man - BB King Live in Africa
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Leo Kottke- Last Steam Engine Train/Stealing
Walter Trout- Red House
Buddy Guy- Sweet Home Chicago
Albert King and Gary Moore- Stormy Monday
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canon rock
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Wes Montgomery playing Coltranes Impressions for Belgian TV in '65.

(Wes Montgomery/guitar, Harold Mabern/piano, Arthur Harper/bass, Jimmy Lovelace/drums)

Wes has absolute command of the guitar here.
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..cant' forget Roy Buchanan playing Misty
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I'm also partial to the musicality of Joe Satriani's axe heroics.
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And some excellent flamenco here.
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Here's Al Di Meola and Paco de Lucia doing Mediterranean Sundance on a Friday Night in San Francisco.

And then the trio (with John Mclaughlin) doing a full concert for A Special Guitar Summernight.
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Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster - Lights Out

Josh Williams, Andy Falco, Chris Eldridge - Cherokee Shuffle

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

Les Claypool

Iron Maiden - Hallowed be thy name

RATM - Wake Up

David Gilmour - Comfortably Numb
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you should check out Shawn Lane
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What? No Zappa?
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U.F.O. - Rock Bottom (1975)

Rush Working Man Original Drummer John Rutsey 1974 Live


Back in the day if you were a shy teenage boy - with most of the guitar heroes being young men at the time, playing guitar was how you could find adulation from massive amounts of people - and maybe even have sex and money and a jet plane. Those forces sat millions of boys on the edge of their bed for hour after hour and generated some extremely competent guitar players. And then there is me.

Also woot Al Di Meola.
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Steve Vai shreds in Denver
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Couple of personal favorites:

Tommy Emmanuel
Bjorn Berge
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Stephen Bennett
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Eric Johnson always seems criminally overlooked to me. This Austin City Limits episode from 1988 is just the best.
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Along with the aforementioned version of the song, this version of Comfortably Numb with Van Morrison singing the David Gilmour part has a couple of fantastic guitar solos.

And thanks for that link to Prince soloing on While My Guitar Gently Weeps!
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Well not technically live, I find it criminal that Paul Gilbert playing Technical Difficulties has not been mentioned.
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Eric Johnson always seems criminally overlooked to me

This 1997 House of Blues show is also great
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How about some Ewan Dobson?
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Go to YouTube. Type "Gary Moore End of the World Brilliant Solo live". Enjoy.

The song itself may not impress you; it's standard 80s pop metal, maybe a bit better played than average. But the three and a half minute solo that starts the song is great.
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I see that my link to a John Mayer concert has already gone dead, so here's a replacement: the John Mayer Trio.
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