What is a good airfare from Denver to Japan?
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We're planning an October trip to Japan, and having never been to that part of the world, I find I have no idea what a good fare is. I'd like to purchase well in advance and I'm finding fares in the $1300-1500 range for our time period. Is that a good fare?
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That's a pretty good fare.

Check Delta for good pricing, they picked up a lot of NWA flights when they merged. When I went, I went on Asiana as part of a code-share with American and it was AWESOME! I did have to connect through Seoul, but I really enjoyed the airport.

Some of the Asian airlines aren't going to be in Kayak or Orbitz, so it may make sense to check them out separately.
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One trick I've used to suss out "average" fares: use the "search entire month" feature of the ITA Matrix tool (do it for a FEW months) - it'll give you a good idea of the best/worst fares, as well as if it's a decent time to make the trip.
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Amnet-USA generally has very good fares to Japan. I know several ex-pats who book through them for annual trips home.

Denver is not one of Amnet-USA's departure cities, so you'l have to work out a ride to LA/SF/Seattle/Chicago.
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I paid about $1200 a couple years ago from Chicago to Tokyo, so yes, that's what I would expect now. I can't remember the breakdown exactly, but it was something like $800 for the actual ticket and then $400 for various airline and international fees.
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LA-Tokyo runs from about $800 at the very low end (like middle of January) to $2000 at peak (middle of August for example) with non-peak fares being in the $1000-$1200 range pretty often. So that sounds fairly reasonable for that time of year.
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I've flown USA to Japan many times, and $1300 - 1500 is what I would consider a very slightly better than average price for a round trip ticket.

2nding ITA Matrix software month long search.
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Check out Kayak and StudentUniverse as well (I don't *think* you have to be a student to book with the latter site - I think only some of their cheapest fares are restricted to students - but probably worth double checking). I have found fares there that are *significantly* cheaper than elsewhere.
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