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I just finished reading Zealot, by Reza Aslan, and I found it to be a fascinating book. I'm looking for similar books!

I've read Under the Banner of Heaven, which I think fits and was a solid read as well. Are there any great readable books on the canonization of the New Testament? Or, books about the early foundations of other religions? Thanks!
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You might like Caesar and Christ by Wil Durant. It was followed by The Age of Faith might also be worth a look if you enjoy his prose style. As a bonus, both books can be gotten pretty inexpensively these days.
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Have you read John Dominic Crossan before? You might be interested in Excavating Jesus, or his earlier book, The Historical Jesus.
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A History of God by Karen Armstrong is a great book.
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Really, anything by Karen Armstrong would fit the bill here.

Also, Bart Ehrman is a biblical scholar who writes some accessible books about the subject.
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"Are there any great readable books on the canonization of the New Testament?"

You're looking for Bart Ehrman, and specifically this book of his
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If you want to get a little more scholarly, Evolution of the Word: The New Testament in the Order the Books Were Written by Borg would also fit your description
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Response by poster: Of course I would forget Misquoting Jesus. Read that too, and loved it.
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There are also a lot of Ehrman's lectures available on youtube if you like his books
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Nth-ing the Karen Armstrong recommendation. Also, anything by Elaine Pagels, especially The Origin of Satan and The Gnostic Gospels.
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I recently read Rome and Jerusalem, by Martin Goodman, which tells the story of the interaction between ancient Judea/Israel and the Roman Empire, especially in the first century BC and the following first century AD.

This was a period of profound change for both cultures (the transformation of Rome into a monarchy; the Flavian desolation of Jerusalem; the birth of Christianity tantalizingly just off stage) and might be an excellent follow-up for one who just finished Zealot.

I found Rome and Jerusalem very readable, and it launched me into a deeper study of the period.
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My favorite religious books that deal with the Christian faith from a historically accurate, respectful, and fascinating perspective include:

Peter Brown - The Cult of Saints
Carlo Ginzburg The Cheese and the Worms
Patrick Geary Furta Sacra: Theft of Relics in the Central Middle Ages

They are all relatively short and easy to understand. I like that they all deal with how average everyday people interpreted the religion even when they were influenced by non-Christian cultural elements. These books really drive home what made the faith so appealing and accessible to folk who lived hundreds of years ago. I personally found Furta Sacra to be entertaining and enjoyable for even someone unfamiliar with the topic.
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NT Wright is terrific, and is a good counterbalance to someone like Ehrman (Wright is pretty orthodox in his belief).
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