Where are the most interesting places in Downtown Los Angeles?
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I recently moved to Downtown Los Angeles, and am getting a kick out of exploring the neighborhood--it's changed a lot since I last visited in the early 2000s, has amazing architecture, and a fascinating mix of people and different communities. But I'm new to Los Angeles and unfamiliar with the neighborhood... what are the gems of downtown that are worth checking out?
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Clifton's Cafeteria for a David Lynch-style lunch. The Varnish at Cole's for cocktails.
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The Bradbury Building and Angels Flight Railway.
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The Last Bookstore. Make sure you go upstairs and check out the art and $1 books!
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Keep an eye out for the Brewery Open Studios (at the end of April).
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+1 on the Last Bookstore!

This time of year the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has a display of costumes from Academy Award nominated films. We've gone every year since 2002. These are the actual costumes worn in front of the cameras; we found that out in 2003 when we missed the costumes from "The Two Towers" because they'd been sent back to New Zealand for additional shooting. 8-(

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The Central Library is gorgeous and lots of fun to browse in. They also have a great used book sale on the third Saturday of every month from 10 - noon.

Santee Alley is always entertaining, and you might find a good deal there.

The FIDM Museum is currently having their annual exhibition of movie costumes, including the Academy Award nominees for Costume Design. This year's costumes include Jaeger suits from Pacific Rim, costumes from Catching Fire, and Star Trek Into Darkness. FIDM also has a Scholarship Store, where you can find designer merchandise for very reasonable prices.

In the summertime, you can go to free concerts at California Plaza - keep an eye on the Grand Performances site for more info.
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The Triforium sculpture is amusingly weird. I'd also recommend the Los Angeles Conservancy walking tours, or even just check out what they feature, especially the Art Deco tour and the Broadway Theater district tour.
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Clifton's cafeteria is closed until May for renovations.
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grand park is new and an awesome resource

check out this urban hiking app once it launches: http://gizmodo.com/los-angeles-launches-an-interactive-urban-trail-system-1541248828

have you walked over 1st st bridge and up to mariachi plaza?

it is my firm belief that every angeleno should visit the observation deck at the top of city hall (open during weekday business hours)

lots of tasty street food along olympic near central ave on weekends
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I'm in the fashion district at least once a month. The fabric stores are like heaven. Also, Phillipe's.
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City Hall has a free observation deck. Go up for some spectacular views. Also, check out the Library Bar.
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