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I ride recumbent bicycles and I have for years. The risk with recumbents is that if you don't fall well you can break your ankle. This happened to me. I have two bikes, the one that I fell with is a Vision brand. It's much faster (and less stable) than my Sun that I'm continuing to ride.

My wife is uncomfortable with me riding the Vision. So it just sits. There's a duathlon in September that I might race with the Vision.

Otherwise I should probably sell it. I'm stuck on valuation, also how do you sell something and say, "Oh by the way, careful you might break your ankle"

Help me think through my next action in this.
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Don't worry about a safety warning. But you can say "This bike is very fast, although that makes it less stable than slower models."
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I'd head over to the forums at and either ask about valuation in the forums, or post it in the for sale section. They'll generally know the risks.

Sorry to hear about the injury, I have a RANS Rocket (the older style) and a Trident Spike trike, and ankles are my primary worry.
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Oh, also, make sure to check the rules on the Duathlon, many if not most forbid recumbents.
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For valuation I would check similar on your local Craigslist. You have no more obligation to warn of safety than, for example, someone selling a powerful motorcycle.
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Huh. Didn't really realize ankle breakage was a risk (I've been riding a recumbent since 2005). Keeping your feet clipped should mitigate most ankle breakage possibility, I would think, but maybe not.

Bent Rider Online is the place to sell it, for sure.
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Response by poster: I didn't get it either until it happened to me. You fall and your instinct is to put your foot down. Something about the different angle.....
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