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So, I have this skirt, which is a lime/neon green pencil skirt with a heather gray overlay that is supposed to resemble a crochet/macrame design. I'd like help finding shirts/shoes/accessories that might match it and help me put together an outfit.

I like this skirt, but it's not something I'd usually wear. It's pretty far away from most anything else I own, actually. This is where you come in!

I'm the kind of person that tends to shop at Kohl's/JCPenney's/Old Navy/Target, so let's try to keep it around $20 per piece. Online vendors would be preferred, but brick and mortar is okay, too. Ideally, I'd like to find a top or a top and cardigan combo that might match. And maybe shoes or accessories that could work well together. I have a fairly extensive wardrobe, so even just giving me ideas (like, this shirt might work, but it's $50), is fine, because it gives me a starting point.

When I shop, I usually get my head on an idea (I want red boots. I want a sweater with roses on it, etc.), and I sort of go from there. I do like this skirt, because it's so different. But unfortunately, it means there's not a whole lot in my closet to pair it with already. At the moment, I was thinking maybe a gray shirt or alternatively, something with color (like purple or pink) that would compliment the bright green. Also, I live in Florida, so definitely thinking "spring/summer" instead of layers.
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How about a sky blue? That was my first thought, but I'm pretty boring. I think you could go conservative with shape - a tank top and simple cardigan. You could also go for broke and do a neon or just bright orange.
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Top: Chambray shirt (splurge, steal)

Statement necklace: Many options here.

Shoes: I'm not great at shoes, but any neutral (metallic, grey, ivory, nude-- NOT BLACK) would work here. Heel, ballet flat, stylish loafer.
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Best answer: For the top, I'd go for a distressed denim buttondown with a bright statement necklace of some kind, or something simple like this cowlneck top. On the bottom I'm thinking wedges or espadrilles.
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It's hard to be completely sure from the picture, but I think a cobalt blue shirt would look great with that skirt. Here's a t-shirt and here's a blouse. With either, I'd add a statement necklace in a shade of lime that matched the skirt or was darker than it. For shoes, I'd probably go with an ink or navy blue to pull the outfit together without being too matchy-matchy. I'd personally go with a ballet flat, but not everyone likes flats with skirts.

The other thing you could do is match the gray. Something like this. That might end up being kinda boring, but it would REALLY emphasize the skirt.
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I think you could wear anything neutral with that skirt. Anything black, white, cream, grey, denim, and cooler medium browns, too. My first thought was any of the recent black and white colorblocked tops crowding the big box stores this past year, plus one solid accessory in any bright color, like a blue belt or an orange necklace. Basically, put a neutral between that skirt and your other stuff (the skin tone of your legs counts as a neutral!) and then a moment of color somewhere else. Keep them solid because otherwise the pattern of the skirt will fight with other things and nobody needs that.
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Best answer: A salmon-colored top might work with that skirt. Here are a couple possibilities for inspiration. Or this one in either the cobalt or salmon color.

For shoes, I think either a ballet flat or pump in a neutral color would be fine. A muted-metallic (bronze, dark silver, maybe copper) color would probably work as well.

P.S. On preview, I noticed that I linked to a mix of plus-sized and junior shirts. I wasn't paying attention to sizing when I picked those tops out, just cut and color.
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I just got a blue cardigan with a "Peter Pan" collar and tiny ornate gold "dots" on the collar. I do not do ornate extras at all(!) but it was plain enough for me. I would do a gray cardigan with a different color top under( people suggested blue?) go light since you are in fla. Can you forget the tights? Def do a flat shoe.
I know the cardigan is a layer but they are thin since they are from target. You could wear it open and have it frame the colored shirt and rock a necklace and earings. Understated is key. Make the skirt central.
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Response by poster: Many great suggestions here! I went ahead and ordered the cowlneck mynameisluka mentioned, but in salmon, per litera scripta manet. I'll probably pair it with gray flats and a gray cardigan, and a green statement necklace.

My body is crazy when it comes to sizes, because I'm slightly plus-sized but also petite, which means I have to try everything on. All the stuff I ordered online came in and I really think I've got something I can work with here.

Thanks for all your help, noble meifites!
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