Remix the 80s and 90s for me!
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I'm looking for songs that mix 80s and/or 90s pop with other genres. My favorite example of this is Orbital's Halcyon - And On And On Live that samples Bon Jovi's You Give Love A Bad Name and Belinda Carlisle's Heaven Is A Place On Earth. Any other genre is fine but electronic genres are preferred. Thanks!
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Meat Beat Manifesto's first three albums: Storm the Studio, Armed Audio Warfare, and 99%. There's 70s stuff in there too, as well as a multitude of older recordings and film samples.

Also Pop Will Eat Itself's first album This is the Day... This is the Hour... This is THIS!
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Utah Saints sampled Kate Bush's Cloudbusting on Something Good.

Eric Prydz sampled Steve Winwood's Valerie for Call on Me (although if you're pedantic, Steve Winwood re-recorded his vocals for the remix).
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The Decade Mixes by Flight Facilities aren't quite what you're looking for, but something close maybe?
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The Alan Parsons Project - Let's Talk About Me (1984) is used in Losing Out.
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Slightly off, time wise, but the Sex Pistols' 'Did you no wrong' from 1977 and CC Peniston's 'Finally' from 1991 is one of the most amazing mashups I know. Made by Mark Vidler aka Go Home Productions
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