Looking for a modern, clean, professional purse
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Looking for a modern, clean, professional purse


The good news is I found a purse I love (the Leather Hexagonal Cross Body Bag from ASOS) - the bad news is it's just a little too small for every day usage. I'm hoping someone can help me find something a bit bigger.

I'm trying to find a new purse on sites like ShopStyle, but maybe y'all know of certain brands that meet what I'm looking for:

- cross body shoulder bag: no clutches or tiny bags. Something that could take a book in it with a wallet, phone etc. - but doesn't need to be a full shoulder bag.
- modern: I love that the ASOS bag is a different shape, and is clean, simple and doesn't have tassels or buckles or other frufru hanging off of it... this is the main thing I'm looking for
- opening: ideally at the top with a zipper, and not a flap that goes over the top so you have to open it on the side
- well made: I'm open to a leather purse, or something durable. I'm willing to spend money on something well made and classic.
- black: open to colors, patterns and materials though

Any ideas are much appreciated! I'm in NYC but open to ordering online too.
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I can't tell you how much I love my leather Coach bags. Several here fit your specs exactly. I personally carry the Madison Minetta almost daily, but it's a little small for your needs. I may be buying the Madison Kelsey satchel next week. I also quite frequently carry the East/West leather tote quite often, as it is so roomy but doesn't take up as much space as you might expect, but it's not cross body.
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I am a freak about my refurbished coach tote bag! eBay has many great options, both now and vintage. Just make sure you're looking for leather.
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Definitely Coach. I have one of their Madison shoulderbags and love. it.
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Ok, I hate to be the fourth voice to say Coach, but seriously my classic duffel is the perfect work bag size. It'll hold a notebook, iPad, mini-umbrella in addition to normal purse stuff. I've even rolled up a change of clothes and tiny toiletry bag in there. Best part, it can convert from cross body to shoulder bag.

It does come with tassels, but you can take them off. Get one of the bright seasonal colors for a more modern look on the classic shapes.
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That bag really reminds me of this Of a Kind one.. sold out, unfortunately, although they still offer coin purses.

Marc by Marc Jacobs has a good selection of modern cross body bags. I like the Hands Off Alex (fun shape, fit pic here) and the Sophisticato Dani, but there are many more to choose from. Personally I have the black Washed Up Nash and it looks amazing in person-- not at all what you're looking for, but the leather and overall quality is really nice.
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Fossil has lots of options. I have the Morgan Traveler and love it.
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I love love love Rebecca Minkoff bags - I own several, and have taken the train to NY for the sole purpose of attending her sample sales.
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Coach leather from eBay or consignment shops. Check the inside data to see if it was from when they were made in New York.
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I totally agree about Coach, seems to be a really great value for the price vs. quality. Easy to find significantly discounted. I'd add that Tumi has some nice bags with less brand recognition. Good quality, good customer service. All my Tumi bags look nearly new even after years of frequent use.
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I happen to like Michael Kors bags, but you do have to look for the ones that aren't covered in WTF.

This particular bag is closest to the bag I'm carrying right now. That ridiculous logo thing comes right off. It's clean, classic, yes it says MICHAEL KORS but it's small, and it's real leather. Also, if you register it, the bag is under warranty. I have sent a bag back to them for fixing before, and it was no problem at all. It's especially easy to do this if you buy your bag AT a Michael Kors store (your bag is automatically registered).
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone - great suggestions. I did like looking around - I didn't settle on any right one, although I ended up picking up a Love Moschino one on sale for now while I keep looking...
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