Cliffs and the Cleveland Way
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How close to the cliff edge does the path go along the coastal section of the Cleveland Way?

My best friend and I are contemplating walking some portion of the Cleveland Way this summer. I'm mildly concerned about having to walk along the edge of a (eroding!) cliff. I know work has been done on the path in the last few years and it's been pulled back from the edge somewhat due to erosion (and the erosion is under better control, I guess), which is making figuring out the current state of affairs from google somewhat difficult. What's it like in comparison to Bempton Cliffs? It seems like there might be fencing along the particularly alarming bits?

(I have a reasonable knowledge of the coastal parts of Yorkshire for other points of comparison, but Bempton's the last particularly cliff-y place I've been, unless you count Whitby Abbey.)
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Response by poster: I walked the portion from Runswick Bay to Scarborough.

The path is a good four to five feet back from the edge most of the time, sometimes with a fence, sometimes not. (I think the fences were often the pre-erosion boundaries of a field.) The only exception is coming south out of Whitby for a while, where you're walking in about a three foot space between an electric fence inland and a wire fence running along the edge. It's pretty clearly a popular suicide spot, as you pass lots of flowers.

In other words, it's scarier than Bempton Cliffs, but to my mind, probably not as scary as walking across the Humber Bridge (which I wouldn't have the nerve to do).
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