Footiesless in Minneapolis
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I need to buy footies tonight for a friend who's in the hospital. Who sells them?

Apparently they are like a thicker sock with a rubber bottom. I have been to Macy's, Kohls, Target, JC Penney, and Payless with zero success. I am in Minneapolis. Help?
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Try searching "slipper socks" - it looks like they have them at Walmart.
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I take it back - the ones on the Walmart site are sold through their website but sold by another company. Looking around, even drugstores don't seem to carry them, which would have been my next stop. I wonder if you might have better luck overnighting them from an online retailer.
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Walgreens, maybe? It seems like the sort of thing I've seen there, though it may not be on their website.
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I recently bought some women's fuzzy socks with the non-slip bottom at Walmart, in the regular sock area. I did see some at Walgreens too, but they were in a clearance section.
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Yeah, slipper socks are what they call them where I live too. Be aware that items like this are usually considered seasonal (that's probably why you're having a hard time finding them -- after January, they probably started clearancing them out), so if you think you'll need more later, stock up now. Try a store with less foot (ahem) traffic like Sears or Kmart.
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Sox Appeal might have them - they have locations in the MOA and Uptown.
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Kohl's and Walgreens both carry them in store per their websites. And I would check Marshalls, too.
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If all else fails, try sporting goods stores or shops specializing in yoga accessories -- yoga socks have non slip bottoms. It looks like two Walmarts in your area have these in stock.
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I often find them at Nordstrom Rack (but not Nordstrom) in Chicago.
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Has she asked at the hospital? They usually have them there.
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I have bought very cheap and not great versions of these at Dollar General (more like slipper-ish foot coverings in sock material with non-slip stuff on the bottom) so maybe try there or your local dollar store?
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It's late now, but if you absolutely can't find them anywhere you can use puffy paint to put dots on the bottom of a pair of regular fluffy socks to make them non-slip.
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Response by poster: I found them! I went to like 6 more stores including all of the ones suggested here and finally found them at DSW right before closing time. A sales person told me they are almost exclusively a Christmas item and no one stocks them otherwise. Thanks for your help everyone, this seems silly but it was REALLY important to me.
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Yay! Score! You're such a good friend.
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Glad you found them! I was going to say medical supply store. I got a pair of these recently when I had a procedure at a surgical center.
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Glad you found some! For future readers, almost all medical supply companies will have these. Look for stores that sell walkers, CPAPs, ostomy supplies and the like. Ask for non-slip socks.
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