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Help me find this awesome-looking women's magazine I saw in a coffee shop in New York

Google was no help to me. I'm looking for a large-format women's magazine I saw once in a coffee shop. It had a one-word title (verve??) and seemed to be aimed at a cooler/older/artier demographic. This is all really vague, sorry. It may not even have been a women's magazine, but it the issue I saw had a woman on the cover and it seemed to have a lot of articles about women creators, though it did not seem to have an excplicitly feminist bent.
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Which coffee shop did you see it at? If you remember its name, you could call them and ask if they recognize it based on your description.
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Best answer: The Gentlewoman?
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There is a free magazine in Asheville called Verve and it is aimed at women. Maybe someone picked it up and brought it back? Their slogan is Covering Asheville's most fascinating women.
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I saw a few copies of Frankie magazine at a salon last weekend. Woman-centric, cool, arty. The ones at the salon were not large-format, though.

W Magazine? It's large-format, definitely cool and artsy, etc.
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Response by poster: Well, I think it's The Gentlewoman, but I'm not 100% sure. Nonetheless, these answers are great! Frankie looks really cool!
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Response by poster: In fact, I think the issue with Angela Lansbury on the cover may have been the one I saw at the coffee shop. It was a year or two ago and half-remembered; one of those things I filed away mentally at the time, sure I would remember it later. Thanks again!
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Verily? It's relatively new.
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...and looks like they're going digital only now.
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