What shoes to wear with blue knee-length dresses?
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Paging metafilter fashionistas! I have purchased two blue, knee-length dresses and I need suggestions for stylish and comfortable footwear. Details inside.

Here are the dresses:


It's a weekend of events, none of them especially formal: welcome party, picnic, concert, class dinner (on campus - most people won't dress up), brunch in campus dining hall. Informal socializing outdoors or in campus buildings. (Yes, it is a college reunion.)

But I am unsure about the shoes. Requirements:
* Comfortable for walking and standing for hours on various surfaces including grass (so no pointy heels)
* Comes in size 10 medium or wide width (usually medium works for sandals)
* Comfortable in 80 - 90 degrees (F), with high humidity
* Not entirely dork-tastic

Given the weather, I was thinking sandals, but I could do a closed toe shoe on Friday or Sunday (travel days). I am open to having more than one pair, like a pair of closed toe and a pair of sandals.

I was thinking maybe something like this:
or this:

Too dorktastic? Or casual and fun? Help!
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I think wedges would be a good bet, something like these. Open toe and heel should be comfortable in the heat, and they're dressier without being impractical - you can wear them on grass and not get stuck. It's a UK brand so I'm just offering as a guide)

The red shoes you linked to are nice and would work for daytime, but the silver ones are a bit clunky irl (my mum has a pair). Have fun and the dresses are really nice!
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I think your examples there are too casual. For those dresses I would choose a sandal more like this or this. (Full disclosure: I have those second ones and they are extremely comfortable).

You also can't go wrong with a basic neutral colored flat, maybe something like this.
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I own the Minnetonka flip flops in silver and I can attest they are very comfortable in be on your feet for hours in and look cute with skirts.
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A silver sandal would be beautiful for either of those, but I don't like those thong ones. Would you consider these?

A brand I've discovered truly comfortable high heeled sandals in is Earthies, but I don't see my super comfortable ones in this year's lineup… what about something like these?

I love that Boden dress btw, thanks for the link.
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I think a patent leather, nude-colored (whatever shade that means for you) wedge or flat would look attractive and professional, and is my favorite choice with dark blue. I'm sure most known "comfort" women's shoe brands carry some version of this.
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Best answer: The shoes in your second link are much too casual in my opinion. The ones in the first link are okay but not great. What about something like these or these?

In your shoes (pun most definitely intended), I'd take a pair of sandals like the ones I linked to and possibly a pair of basic tan ballet flats.
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I love, love, love billiebee's suggestion.
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I'd probably take something like this strappy metallic sandal for more casual events with lots of standing, and one of the pumps or wedges suggested above for less casual events.
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These are nice - beige sandals with a low heel.
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Best answer: I love the shoe suggestions here. Any would be good in my opinion. I think the thong sandals you linked in your question are too casual for the dresses, especially the second dress.

I would definitely shoes a wedge -- either a wedge pump or sandal. They are comfortable, casual, but not too casual.

I like the idea of red with these blue dresses but I would look for something dressier than the thong. I also think yellow or Kelly green would look great. A safe bet would be to choose a "nude for you" shade. It will go with anything and you can have them in your closet to go with all sorts of stuff. A muted metallic would also work great.

Here are some more options:

Julie Wedge Sandal


Landing gear pump (dressier than a sandal but still "open")

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More ideas:



Finders Keepers in off white or yellow (a platform makes them more comfortable and easier to walk in)
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Nude is for casual events. Lawn party. Going to a restaurant with friends.

Any kind of metallic (summer sees gold, light bronze and silver-- all metallics are neutrals, but some go better than others based on tone) will dress up the outfit.
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I love the Cole Haan Wedge the missmerrymack linked. If you are interested they are less expensive on 6pm.
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I have a pair of strappy flat sandals from the brand "Gentle Souls" and they are super comfortable for walking, good quality, and actually look cute too. One of the few pairs of sandals I've ever bought that didn't cut up my feet when first wearing them. These in the Guava color might work or these in one of the gold metallics. It's kind of early to be buying sandals though, in a month or two there will probably be a lot more options.
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Best answer: I agree that your chosen shoes are too casual, and I say that as the Queen of Flipflops. I disagree slightly in that I think you can wear thong sandals if you would like to. So, my suggestions are: $39 silver flats, $70 wedge sandals.
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I guess I don't understand why everyone is recommending nude or metallic with these particular dresses. I think classic red/white/blue is the way to go here. I can see where matching the blue is tricky, red would be sharp looking, but this white sandal might work.
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Depends on the shoe, but I think you could get away with a pop of bright yellow.
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Depends on the shoe, but I think you could get away with a pop of bright yellow.

Absolutely. I'd go red, green, or yellow to play off the navy color really fresh, summery way. These yellow ballet flats might be comfy. Or these kelly green wedges. Or anything that's red and kicky.

(That Boden dress is wonderful!)
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(Oh, and see how in the Boden video for the dress they paired it with red wedges? I think that's definitely one way to go.)
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I love Kenneth Cole sandals. These blue and silver wedges might be really fun.
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These would be fun with a matching necklace in the lighter blue. Or another wedge, in red or yellow.
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I'm with mochapickle. Pro-tip for future online purchases: always check out what they've paired it with on the model! :)
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Best answer: Red or dark brown
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I love blue dresses and I usually combine them with nice black wedges with not-too-high heels.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everybody for the suggestions! I haven't figured out which shoes but this gives me a direction.
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