"Weiner Spook" isn't cutting it
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Help me name my web series! I need a name that communicates some/all of the following: Dramedy/Comedy Private eye/detective Street meat/food cart vendor/hotdog vendor Peril Shorter is better, ideally one to three words. Pun it up, Internet!
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Response by poster: Urgh formatting :-(
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Best answer: Wiener Spook sounds awesome to me, fwiw.
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Midnight Franks
Pushcart P.I.
Dog Dick
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Hunkhorn P.I.
Meat for Dessert
Slaughterhouse Noir

Could you link to some of your work? It's hard to conceptualise from your post alone.
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The racist connotations of 'spook' grate on me.
Wiener Sleuth
Everything but the Oink/Squeal
Sauerkraut Sniffer
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Private Wiener
Wiener for Hire
Wiener Dick
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Frank Furter, P.I.
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57 Varieties... of MURDER!
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The Perilous Wiener
Carte Noire Investigations
The Vending Detective
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Hotdog P.I.
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Street Eats Beat
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Naked City Lunch
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Best answer: What is the show actually about?

The title should be that.

Come up with a log line, and that will probably tell you what the title should be.

Also, pick something that is google/keyword/SEO friendly if at all possible, and geared toward your particular audience.

It's hard enough to get people to watch web shows that it's best to just go with a "what it says on the tin" sort of title rather than trying to be overly cute. At least people will be able to google it.
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(Warm Guns,) Cool Dames & Hot Dogs
Frankfurter Files
Revolvers & Relish
Mustard Mysteries

If you go with a pithy title, maybe add a colon and subtitle to better describe the material, like "From the Files of a Food Cart Gumshoe."
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Private Dick, Public Wiener
Wurst Case Scenario
A Term for the Wurst
Slaw and Order
Felafel Behavior
Poor Boy Becomes Hero
Kettle Con
Order in the Food Court
Snacktion Hero
Gregory Peckish
Hot Dog on a Stick-Up
Sandwich Parole
Pierogies and Parolees
Private Digestive
Sing Sing for Your Supper
Case and Quesadilla
Torte Reform
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A Bum Wrap
A Pita the Action
Omelet You Off With a Warning
Corn on the Cop
Hard Boiled, Soft Cooked
Salt and Battery: In Cod We Trust
Fish and CHiPS (really only works if it's set in California and has Abe Vigoda in it)
Steak Out

Steak Out. Yeah.
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Private Dick Relish
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Dirty Water Dogs
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Have you named the main character already? That would make a difference.

fwiw I initially thought your list said "Peril Shorter" which would be a brilliant name for a comedy private eye and/or show starring same. But it isn't really meat oriented. or a pun
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Dogged Detective. Or just Dogged, really.
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Response by poster: Main character is named George (she's female). These are amazing suggestions!
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Mystery Meat
George of the Bun-gle

Or something incorporating the words "caper" or "grilled".
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Crime à la Carte
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